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If my pores

Closed shut

As I live them to be


Infinite layers

Betray me


The labyrinth of my mind,

history blurred superimposed


inside of waking moments


Friction in the movement of time


My truth dogmatic slips from me

Grasping, I fool myself

Grasping, I fool myself

Grasping, I fool myself


I follow blinding lights

My ears ringing


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well, the first verse is about like, what if i was as tough as i behave, the second refers to the layers and complexity of the mind, goes on to talk about how the past is a part of the present, waking moments, because i'm always going through realizations, but they are always different realizations, none of them is in fact truth, because they are all wrong. it is not only my past that affects my present perspective, but also the past of humankind. and that past is not really clear either...


my truth dogmatic is referring to the way that i tend to believe so strongly in my values, my ideas, but they are all based on my perspective which is so mixed up and based a lot on illusions, i fool myself, i think that i have the truth, but do i? how can i if other people have different truths than me? and i fool myself again and again and again.


the last part is just like saying i'm following blinding lights but my ears are what is ringing, like my senses themselves are all messed up too, yeah its a weird poem, i guess.

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