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lost in the sauce


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Lost in the Sauce

I forget about my pain

Just for a night

I forget about the chains


The chains that guard

My broken heart

Lost in the Sauce

A world apart


I feel no pain

It's hidden for now

My friends Rum and Coke

Know the only way how


To make this hurt

Fade into bliss

It's the only way

I know how to fix


I know it's not right

Know I need to stop

But the bottle calls

And the cork pops


And all my problems

Get lost in the sauce

Just for tonight

I'm free from my loss

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I lose my problems "in the sauce" too... I don't like to do it but it just happens, when you feel like crap and there is no help or relief in sight sometimes it is just too hard to go on and I see it as my only option.

I can't say I regret doing it either and unfortunately I know that I will continue to do so.


I hope you don't ever have to get to the point of wanting to drink yourself happy again in the future shorty. I hope I don't either LOL.


All the best, try not to let things get you down.

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u know, I don't consider myself an alcoholic. I don't drink every night, and I don't really "drink my problems away"... just hasn't anyone ever wished they just couldn't care? Sometimes, I think I care too much about stupid little things. Alcohol helps me not to care about stuff like that... just for the night, and it's a nice break. I don't think it's really a problem until it gets to the point where you're drinking every night... or when you're sitting there getting trashed by yourself... then it's a problem. Until then, it's just a crutch... something you can use to just let yourself let loose and have a little fun.

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Sooner or later people with crutches have to stop relying on them and walk on their own. If you keep relying on the crutch, it makes it that much harder to let go. Not saying you have problem, just saying what I've seen happen and that I hope it doesn't become a problem in the future.

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