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Why did you have to hurt me?

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Your words burn

Like a fire untamed

Your eyes seep out

Years of my pain

You make it sound easy

Like nothings too much

To you it isnt -

You already gave up this love


Your emotions are numb

youve got **** all to gain

Well guess what you *** head

Youve won this game


But dont you smile

Not even a smirk

For in the dark

I shall lurk


Ill get you back for all of these words

Ill make you hear all ive heard

Ill take this knife

And thrust it through

The piece of ****

Labelled you


----------------------------sorry for the stars its something ive scribbled up in the last few seconds, someone hurt me pretty bad. I guess i'm not used to knowing how to deal with that. Not recently anyway.-------------

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Thanks ShySoul, im great at talking, but not usually about personal situations, thanks all the same though *smiles*. I guess poetry and riddles makes it easier for me. Often i know people wont fully understand what i write because its so broad but atleast i know its specific to me and that ive let it out in some form. But thanks, i see what you mean, im sure id perk up if there was a major issue.


Your a special soul. kell

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Same here kell. Can't talk about personal things unless its with someone I really trust. So I often turn to writing and speak in a broad, general tone. Think more people can relate then, cause they will find someone to apply it to their life even if it wasn't in a way I intended and is totally different then my situation. That's the beautiful thing about poetry, can mean so many things to people.


You're a special soul as well.

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