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christmas hookup...


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didnt know where to put this sooo yeah.


I pretty much threw away my morals after lastnight...


my brothers bestfriend told me he liked me n a whole bunch of

stuff...we talked for a long time and just watched tv and chilled

on the couch. well i let him finger me and my dad walked in

he told my bros friend to get out of the house, and he ran out and i ran out too b/c i was embarrassed, but im so confused now.


I could have ruined my bros relationship with him and I am in total distance of jerpardizing crap for everyone, like now my dad is threatening to tell my bro , but if i dont leave, he wont.


this is total crap because i just got a high paying job, and the only way to get to work is through my bestfriend. soo what do i do?

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Slow down.


How old is your brothers best friend? Younger/Older?


I didn't understand something.. did your father kick you out of the house as well? And what does having a high paying job through another friend have to do with anything.


I can imagine that your father was JUST as startled as you were. He doesn't expect to walk into his own home and find his "little girl" sexually engaged in activity.. with anyone. Its a shock.


Your brothers friend disrespected his friendship, you and your home. You were NOT in this alone sweet heart.


In the light of day. You are embarrassed. OK. Breathe. Give your father space, and time to cool off. And then I'd talk to him an appologize to him for disrepsecting his HOME. Tell him simply that it will never happen again.


Your brother. Don't take the blame for all of it. It happened. Teen hormones raging... you made a bad decision on a whim.. and now you are sorry. If it comes to light... talk to your brother.


Friend. Hmmmm... well, you may let this fly for a little bit. And tell him that things went to far to quickly... you were both caught up in the moment.


BREATHE. Its not so bad. Really.

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I agree with everything Shadows Light has said. However, I'd like to add that if you found it this easy to get carried away then I suggest you carry condoms with you at all times!


We've all made mistakes in the heat of the moment sweetheart this is a minor one compared to other peoples!


Next time be more careful.


Good luck and take care.

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its really hard to explain...his bestfriend told my brother,now my bro is calling me names. Hes moving out. Sooo my dad thinks i runied everything

whatever though...Im thinking about leaving home for good, but hed figure out where i was...Im soo mad dude..my dad said he videotaped the hookup.

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You know. This situation is sounding more and more bizzarre.


Sounds like the relationship in the family was looking for a "match" for the powder keg to blow up.


And darlin... Normally.. in a Normal home. Yes, a father would FREAK at catching his little girl on the couch with a boy. Its just a protective instinct for a dad to do.


BUT A FATHER would NEVER..EVER... EVER... VIDEO-TAPE his kid hookin-up. Even SAYING he did.. is perverted and sick!!!!


Your brothers reaction.... ok. I can see your brother feeling betrayed or hurt. Or whatever, weird that his best friend would have an interest in his sister. Brothers and sisters just don't GO there and think of each other as SEXUAL beings.


However, your brother threatening to move out over this??? thats much. And your father telling you that YOU have RUINED things...


NOPE. That is too great of a guit trip. Talking to you about sexual encounters, talking to you about respecting his home, talking to you about respecting yourself and being careful.. YES... those are NORMAL. VIDEO-TAPING or even telling you he did as a thread is SICK. Whats he intend to do with it???? watch it? Show it to whom?


Something is VERY wrong here. Where is your mother? Is she in the picture?


Put some space and distance between your father and brother. Don't argue w/ brother. And stay calm with your father. Appologize to him for disrespecting his home and it'll never happen under his roof again. OTHER than that... I do not think you need to have guilt feelings over being a NORMAL RED BLOODED 17 year old girl.

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ok your dad... has some serious problems. You had sex, so what, it's kinda normal.. I understand that he might have been in shock but this videotaping stuff sounds very very scary, I bet he's just lying, no way he could have walked in with a videotape and started filming - no, he probably howled and you stopped immediately. Still it's scary that he says so... it's perverted. Seriously. Your bro moved out? It's not your problem, you had sex with his best friend - shouldn't bother him so much. Remember, what you did is normal, and what your family did is not normal. You really don't need to do anything, other than watch out because of your dad, he gives me creeps.

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It may be possible taht her dad said it so that she wouldnt do it.... Right now all i feel is sickness read this topic. Wheres your mum? And next time if you have the urge to do it again, enleast go to a bedroom or someplace private (i would of done that straight away, rather then risk being caught which is what happened to you)

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I agree with everyone else. This is a disfuntional family and things were probably very mixed up to being with. Your actions weren't the cause and you shouldn't feel bad about them.


Where is the mom?


And if you were thinking about moving out, I agree with that choice. Maybe you need the distance from them in order to help yourself and feel better about things. It sounds like your family isn't helping you any.

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thanks everyone..i feel gross about letting my bros friend go that far anyway..but ive been staying with my bestfriends family latley and they have been really great...i just am sad for my dad..yea hes weird and what not...i hope he didnt catch that ont ap...and it wasnt sex it was the guy finguring me...but anyways...im hurt about the whole thing..ive been broken so many times and this is just another situation i needed some help with...thanks for helping me deal

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