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The Girl By The Wall


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She stands there by the wall

shattered and broken,

I see the tears in her eyes.

Why is she crying?


I look at her and see why she hurts,

she shows me the scars on her arms,

the pain in her face

as she stands there....

shattered and broken.


I reach out my hand

and she pulls away,

scarred on the inside,

bruised on the outside

shattered and broken.


I look at her as she walks away

just fading in the distance

as did her life that day.



(this is also a song that I wrote)

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From the outside everything looks right as rain. Most don't get a glimpse of the scars, the lost, shattered and broken inside. And there are those alone times, when we break, when the mask comes down... and someone "see's"... and all you can do is walk away, to protect the facade and the face we usually show the public.

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Is it better to let others see the scars on the inside and leave ourselves more vulnerable? Or should be put up the facade and let it slowly gnaw at us, leaving us more hurt inside?


Really good musicguy, its sparking some interesting comments. That's when you know something is good, it makes others think and reflect.

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It's sad that most people seem to choose pain and suffering for the whole of their lives, even when a helping hand is offered.


There's a beautiful song though I'd like to share whose lyrics relate very well to this poem - it's about a woman who has been badly damaged, and the man who came to her rescue who loves her deeply; perhaps she tries to push him away, but he won't give up, because who else will look after her?

It's a beautiful song - try and listen to it if you can...


Broken Things by Julie Miller


You can have my heart

Though it isn't new

It's been used and broken

And only comes in blue

It's been down a long road

And it got dirty on the way

If I give it to you will you make it clean

And wash the shame away


You can have my heart

If you don't mind broken things

You can have my life if you don't mind these tears

Well I heard that you make old things new

So I give these pieces all to you

If you want it you can have my heart


So beyond repair

Nothing I could do

I tried to fix it myself

But it was only worse when I got through

Then you walked into my darkness

And you speak words so sweet

And you hold me like a child

Till my frozen tears fall at your feet

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The human heart is an interesting thing. It can be broken and tattered and still come beating back. Look at it like this, as long as you are afraid of it being broken again, that means it is still beating. That means that whatever you went through wasn't enough to break it. It hurts, it aches, but it survives. And if something else bad happens to it, it will still survive. It's like the BeeGees, keeps staying alive.


I've often felt like my heart has been broken from disappointment after disappointment. I've felt dead inside, like giving up. But even in the worse I knew there was still a strong heart beating in me that could take the worse and fight back. I had all of my dreams and hopes dashed recently, after finally putting my everything on the line. It burns, still does. And I'm scared to ever open myself again. But I know that if I don't then I'll never have anything. I'll be leaving my life afraid of possible getting hurt, letting that hurt control me. It's not worth it. Take the time to heal, but you have to be open for more. Life is about how you react to the pain. You have to experience the pain sometimes, to better appreciate the happiness you find later on.

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