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Lack of christmas greeting implies out of sight, out of mind?

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Ok so time for the post-christmas roundup.


Its Christmas, this girl and I spent the last 4 years together and christmas was always a huge thing for us.


NO E-MAIL FROM HER! Not even a 1-liner.


All I got was an email from her sis saying "Happy xmas mark"


So I guess this implies fully out of sight, out of mind?

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Her lack of giving you a Christmas Greeting, may have been your best Christmas gift of all. Think about it, we've talked about this before. She wants you to move on and knows by contacting you in any form may hurt you and prevent you from moving forward.


Let's say she did send a simple Christmas greeting, how would you be feeling right now, how would you take it, what might you read in to it? Was she expecting one from you? Does she think you are a jerk because she didn't get one from you? I read her message "Merry Christmas" but what does it really mean?


See my point AC? Going NC has really helped you. You have philosophized about lust, love and being in love. You've pushed yourself to get passed the urges to contact her and after 4 years, you're truly on the road to healing. Out of sight out of mind...I seriously doubt it.

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