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A most beautiful poem for my Goddess...


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Give me the best kiss I have ever felt so far Moon Goddess.

Induce me into our pool of love.

Ignite my nose at your scent.

Tear my eyes just for a glimpse.

Every step I walk on clouds.

After a wiff of your scent, every breath, is heaven blowing into my body.

Every sight is the best look I have ever seen.

Your body is a mobile police force, strong, secure but sexy, letting only my now-puppy dog soul, into its insides.

Every word, is the sound of an angel.

Every piece of hair, is a field of light silk ribbons.

Everything you do takes my breath away.

Every second we spend together is an enternity.

Every nail, both finger and toe, is as tough as an armodillo, covering us, protecting us.

Every time we meet, its a new life, filled with excitement, happiness, laughter, and love.

Every tear, is crystal clear, rejuvinating.

The taste of your lips, skin, tongue and ear, is my favourite dinner.

Your brests are beautiful - firm so they dont slouch, but soft as a pillow.

Your clothing astoundes me.

Your loyalty to me makes me feel like a king.

When you wrap your arms around me, I feel a snake thats wrapping me in its skin, absorbing me.

When we make love, we are one combined person, every move we make affects the other.

Not a hour passes when your not in my mind, controlling me like a doll.

Your ears attract my love, my tongue.

The locking of our hands makes me cry out in joy of our unity.

Your bottom is so round, soft, and fits in with your body, unlike most, if not all other girls.

Your sexy legs, built for wrapping around my legs, are strong, and firm.

Your feet, the steps they make are of a queen, a goddess.

When we caress, I feel like im touching every good thing in the entire world.

When we kiss, a thousand church bells ring at once, so soft yet so extreme.

Our pool of love, I dive into and shall never leave.

We will one day make 3 very special children.

Our Seed then shall spread throughout the world, giving everyone and everything our gift of love.

You are perfect the way you are, my Moon Goddess.

Join me, as we rise through the ages, till we grow old, and die together, peacefully in each others arms.


By Dregnought

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Awe, now I'm getting jealous of what you guys have.


That was great and I can tell it comes from the bottom of your heart. You two seem to have found something very special and I hope it will always last. Just don't rush things, savor and enjoy every moment, every new experience. Best of luck to both of you.

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