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So, it's been about 2 months since the break up. I've gone through some serious hell between then and now and it's gotten better, yes. Time does heal emotional wounds, be it slow and winding.


With that said, today would have been our one year anniversary. I'm not a big fan of Christmas to begin with but today I thought I'd be okay yet too many memories flooded my head and I went mental.


The last time I talked to her was about three weeks ago when I asked for some things back. A little backstory -


She left her husband to be with me. After about 9 months of living together, she decided to go back to him (and he to take her back). I know the reasons for her decisions but they're not important.


We talked as I got my things back -- she gained 15 lbs; she looked pregnant she had gotten so big, she was still miserable, her husband didn't trust her, she acknowledged the fact that I made her happy and that I treated her right yet... she was still with him and that she was going to try. Again, reasons are not important.


This isn't a need for advice or anything. I know eventually it will get better but right now I'm saddened, especally because I know their relationship is doomed (please don't try to say otherwise) and yet...


Anyway, thanks for reading and Merry xmas.

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Hey NoMoreWill,


You're right, things WILL get better! When I was dumped I looked like death, but three months later I am geting stronger. It is good that you are accepting the break up, most people are in denial (I know I was for about two months). X-Mas always brings up those dreadful memories. Keep up NC, it helps! You're doing great. Take care.

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Hey nomorewill, I think your doing the right thing by assuming it's over. If she wanted to be with you she would obviously. I can see how you feel now. Do nc like capricorn85 said, and if you're right about your opinions on their relatonship, she'll come back probably, only to do the same thing again. Lost her track record there somewhat now I imagine. Dunno who's fault it is or why, but that's what I would think. Goodluck

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Hi Will,


Sorry that you are going through a tough time right now. The holidays can be especially hard when you lose a loved one.


Having said that, it's not usually a good idea to get involved with someone coming right out of their marriage. Generally there are alot of unfinished or unresolved issues and feelings and that's why they often call it "rebound".


Sounds like she wasn't sure about her marriage and wanted to try to waters elsewhere. Even if her husband is bad to her that is something she needs to figure out on her own and act upon.


I'm sorry you got caught in the middle, it's a lousy break. Try to keep yourself busy and keep your mind occupied.


Best wishes.

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