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Motorbike Accident

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How do you overcome being a witness to an auto accident.


I have just come home from witnessing a guy overtake me on the road while riding only on one wheel. He tried to be smart and changed gears while he went. He ended up tipping the bike over backwards and skidded along the road running through a wooden guide post. He had gravel rash all over him, possible internal injuries and broken leg. His bike was totalled. He looked just like a rag doll skimming accross the road. The whole incident has made me sick to the stomach. I cant stand the sight of my own blood let alone anyone elses. I stopped and went over to him but walked away once others got there. I became white as a ghost. The more he yelled out in pain the more I became sick.


I'm afraid now that when I go to sleep, all I will think about is the accident. Its all I have thought about since coming home. My stomach is still churning.

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The seems a little counter-intuitive - but let your mind dwell on it for a while because if you don't it will return to it anyway. Soon other unrelated thoughts will start to enter your mind and the memory of that will be less stark.


If you continue to be haunted, then see your doctor who will prescribe something to help you.


don't turn to alcohol to dull the thoughts - it will make it worse overall.

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Say a prayer for him and try to let it go. When we witness a horrible accident like this it's hard to let it go from our minds.


I once saw a man hit on our major highway and killed. He was drunk and tried to walk accross the highway at night on foot. He was thrown like a ragdoll, knocked right out of his shoes (I was about 15 at the time). It was terrible, and I had trouble shaking it from my mind too.


I prayed for his soul and tried my best to move on.

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Accidents are always terrible to witness. Motorbike accidents more so for some reason. People are so vulnerable on bikes.


You will think about it aye. Difficult not to. But the good news is HE WAS breathing when you came up on him. Yelling is a good thing. A very good thing. He'll be ok. Say a small prayer for the man. When ever I come accross an accident in the road and there are police, ambulances and commotion going on. I always cross myself and send out a small prayer.

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i agree with the others too. pray for him knowing everyone has their own destiny, neither can u aviod it nor can u change it. try to relax urself more i am sure uwill get better as time pass. u r in a better situation than my frd. he was at the lights crossing the road, the man next to him got hit by a taxi, tat man just knocked out unconscious. tat is more scrary i reckon although there was no blood but he was dead. my frd was rite next to him when he died. i guess u just have to face it and u r there when it happened.

try reading some books abt how to overcome ur obstacles, we are all here for you. remember you will get better.

take care^^

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I'm sorry you had to witness such a wasteful scene.


Any guy who's passing while in a wheelie isn't having an accident. He's pushing the limit to show off, and even worse, making innocent people witness his injuries.

I've seen dozens of similar bike wrecks and been in a few myself. I could tell stories all night about showoffs and the gory results. Two of my best friends died in the worst ways, and one lost his leg. In these three cases, they were all to blame.


When some hotdogger pulls this stuff around me, I'm angered by the chance of having to witness more disturbing carnage.


I hope you can get over it soon. It takes a while.

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Thanks guys for the replies. I'm trying my best to not block it out of my mind. I am fearful that if I do it will keep trying to come back up. I had to have a lie down and have just recently woken up. Good thing is that I didn't dream about the accident. Or if I did, I don't remember.


There is a chance that I will need to retell the whole story of the accident again. When at the sceen the police office took my statement and told me that the crash investigation squad might notify me at a later date.


I do pray that the guy makes a full recovery.

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Hey moore, I saw an innocent girl once crossing the street get struck and flipped up in the air in front of my eyes and I felt the same thing. It was a horrible site. I read my my paper for the next week cause it was bothering me. I saw that she was still alive but in intensive care. They gave no information about who she was or anything so at least I knew kinda she was alive and I can still picture that image everday if I want. It hasn't had any effect in my life so to speak, accept maybe now, cause you wrote here about a similar experience. Somebody said time heals all wounds. This is something that probably won't bother you in the future.

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I was in a motorbike accident some years ago, the front tyre 'blew out' and we went skidding accross the motorway and a few weeks back I had another crash in which I totalled my car.It didn't put me off though, I learned to ride a motorcycle myself and know the risks.


It all happens so quickly yet so slowly as the adrenalin takes over and I had flashbacks for some weeks, but they do fade. You just have to accept that they will upset you for some time, but know that guy is now probably in hospital, receiving the care he needs and will most likely have the same flashbacks.


Please don't dwell on it as there is nothing you can do about it, I would hate to think that someone had dwelled upon my accident and would hope they got on with their life as I recovered just like he will.


P.S. It didn't put me off though, I learned to ride a motorcycle myself and know the risks and am looking for a new car. lol

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I viewed a motorcycle accident that was nearly identical to the one you explained not too long ago. I wasn't up infront right there, but I was close enough to see what had went on. Not a bit left of the motorcycle, it was gone. The guy was in horrible condition to the point his leg was twisted in the most horrific fashion. It was an overall gory sight to see and if there are two phobias I have myself, it is blood and car/motorcycle accidents; I got both.


One thing I realized is as others have mentioned, to dwell on it and bring it back up into your mind is just making it stronger and embed deeper into the mind but to attempt to completely block it out will cause the same effect. It isn't an easy thing to observe, especially if you can't stand the two elements (blood and accidents) but it will usually eventually go away just like any other painful observation. You may try talking with someone about it, often times that will help, keeping the fear and ill feelings to yourself may just cause problems, often letting out just how you feel to a person whom is capable of listening and assisting is a major help.

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