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New years help/ex. uggggghhh

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Hey guys.


Things with my ex have been getting better since she's been writing to me a lot.


I felt as if we were going to spend new years together.. and I was going to have a party, but I really wanted her to come.


She just informed me that she is going to her friends house, and she is having 5 people over. Her, the guy she likes, a couple, and my ex.


I don't really want to have my party, I was just going to if nothing else came up. I really want to be invited to this girls house (im good friends with too, and I invite her to all my other parties). My ex told me she's only allowed to invite 5 people.. but her parents are gone and im only one person.


Her parents like me too.


I told my ex I don't think i'll have the party, and she agreed it'd get out of hand.. yet she hasn't even suggested I go there. I have said "I wish there was something going on" ..


Its just I ALWAYS have parties, and invite everyone.. and the one time im in need of a place to go for NEW YEARS nobody is willing to invite me?? ungrateful.



P.S - this car rally thing is happening on the 28th.. in which im guessing i'll be in the same group as my ex, the girl who's having the party, and the other girl who is being invited to the party.

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Right now, it's 11:45.. and im talking to my ex, have been for an hour and a half or so.. and she's sending me the conversation of her and her former soccer coach who she thinks is "very hot" yet he's married and has kids.. and she keeps saying "man I love him" "he's so hot" and im just joking and going along with it..



What should I do?

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It seems the only thing she wants to talk about is him.

when I change the subject she just says he's not writing back.


and she said he hasn't been writing back for 18 minutes.. and I said don't be a stalker thats not attractive and she said whatever.


then I said "dont worry about it" and she seems to be pissed.. jesus.

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No offence intended at all - but you've just been hinting, you haven't actually said "can I come?" or "How come you didn't invite me?". Maybe, she just hasn't taken the hint? At the end of the day, it's just one new years party, and it does seem like you're blowing it out of proportion a bit. If they don't want to invite you, grab some other friends and do something else


A good reason why you may not have been invited is purely because there are already 5 people going. It doesnt matter how well the parents know you, and yes you are only one person, but there are already 5 people. Sounds slightly strict, but those are the rules right?

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