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Ok, I don't know wut to think about him now?

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U may all remember me from the last posts about him cheating on my cousin on August cuz she cheated on him first twice and he doing it in revenge and me knowing this, but both me and him having it as a surprise, having my cuz seeing him in bed with another girl and me pretending I'm all shock and supporting my cuz. Anyways so after the break up, we started dating, just that month on August and it's been now a month since he's mt b/f and we did say the "L" to each other, but I dunno wut to think of him now, he's been acting distance. It's been now a week since he doesn't seem to be call, he didn't even come to say Merry Christmas, and he was suppost to come to my house and we would be spending that wonderful day. I did e-mail him just now hours ago saying how I missed him, no response, also called on his cell phone, no answer. No, I hope it's not true that he's going behind my back, let it not be true, I love him, always had a crush on him ever since he was with my cousin.

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If anyone wants more history, you can check out this thread and this thread.


I'm not at all surprised to hear this. Instead of acting in a mature fashion by simply breaking up or forgiving her after she cheated on him, he goes around and cheats on her for revenge. And to top it all off he gets your help for some more revenge on her. Did you really think the two of you would live happily ever after together?


Maybe he's gotten tired of you quickly. Maybe he's found someone else. Perhaps he even used you from the beginning as a tool for more revenge, and he never cared about you to begin with. Who knows? Whatever is happening I think you should walk away from this guy...

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I don't know. I am just saying it is possibility. What I am really saying is don't get involved in playing games with other people's feelings. It usually comes back to bite you.


This is what melrich said in one of those previous threads. What comes around goes around, and I think you're getting a taste of your own medicine right now.


Despite the fact that your cousin cheated on him, what you've done is wrong. I don't usually come down this harsh on people, but I really feel that this is the case here. You played a horrible joke on your cousin with this new guy, trying to see if he could "trick her" into wanting him back. You laughed at her behind her back and told her secrets. And now you're dating this guy.


And now he's treating you horribly. Wow - I am shocked. SHOCKED!!! It was only a matter of time before he got bored with you and moved onto someone else.


Cut off your ties with this man, and beg your sister for forgiveness.

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I saw this coming a mile away. What you did to your cousin was lousy and the guy is a cheating jerk and I honestly don't know why you thought it would be any different with you. This guy has no respect for women and I doubt you are the exception.


I'm sorry but now you are going to see how your cousin felt, and I hope you will choose more wisely next time.

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No annie24 my cousin still doens't know about this and I can now say I fell for his sweet talk like an idiot, im just mad now, after all that wild talk, after all he say, that he love me, after everything he would tell him, about how he felt when my cousin cheated on him, he was having a set up the whole time to dump me. Just found this out, cuz I just got an e-mail from him and no it wasn't a Merry Christmas note nor a love letter, it was a short letter and him saying to stop all the calls and that he got enough trouble already, he proceed on saying he's going to travel to Egypt and make a living there, the letter ending he saying "Well I gottta go now and don't think I'll be seeing you, I dunno"

The ending to his letter was "Bye, Bye, have a nice day". Grrrrrrrrrrr and I really thought he love me, can't believe I was so blind by love. Yes, Hope75, u were right, he was a no good player with no respect, grrrrrrrr, just so mad now and at the same time starting to feel guilt also for even helping him before. And like I mention before, my cousin is unaware of this, if she founds out, for sure she'll stop talking to me, she trust me and yet I have betrayed her. I don't think there's any way she can find out about this, so can I just leave it that her and not tell her about it? Really wish I had listen to u all, just that I was blind the whole time. And yes some_guy282, I really thought that we both would be living happily ever after, I even thought we both would have a future together. But no, all that I wish was shattered.

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I hope that in the future you will see that it is wrong to treat people the way you treated your cousin. I can't say that I feel sorry for you because you both were terrible to her (it wasn't any of your business that she cheated on him and what he should have done is left her, not used you to trick her), but as I said before, take what you can and learn from it, learn to treat people with respect as you would want to be treated, and try to get on with your life.

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