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Ok, I'm only 18, and went out with a 17 year old girl. I friggen loved her, she was always clingy. It was a 6 month relationship, well it would be December 29th, 2005, but about a few weeks ago, she stopped acting normal. She was always there and saying she loved me. In fact, I got an email from her last month... here it is...


Hi Baby,


I think there are a couple things that we need to talk about but since we cant seem to stay on the phone with one another without arguing about them i thought i would email you. I hope you take the time to read this and not just erase it.


First and foremost, i want you to know how much i truly love and care about you. You are the best thing that has come into my life and you are what keeps me going when times get tough, especially with my parents. I owe you so much for this.


Second of all, i hope you know that i would never hurt you in any way. I would never cheat on you and i hope you know you can trust me. I love you with all my heart and everyday i wake up wishing you were next to me.


Please trust me when i say i love you and i miss you and i need you and want you in my life.


Love Always



Well, a few days ago, I figured out she was hanging out with another guy, thats like 23, and she was always ditching me when I asked if she wanted to hang out. I mean, sure we fought sometimes, but It wasn't anything that couldn't be worked out. Instead she goes and does this, and doesn't tell me about it. I found out from her best friend Kara, that doesn't even like the guy. I just don't understand how deeply in love a couple could be at one moment, and how it can all go down in the pits the next. I seriously can't stop thinking about her. I'm already trying to move on, but I wish I was still with her, its messed up, and I know I shouldn't think about her or wish that for more reasons than one, but I can't help it. I thought she was the one. She's what kept me going, and on my feet. She was the sweetest and most innocent girl in the world, and I truly loved her, and now its all gone


Here's a picture of us in October, at her dance.



I feel lonely and lost and everyone says I'll get over it, but I know its always going to hurt

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Man, I don't blame you being confused.

After that email you would think you could feel confident.

One problem though is the comment about the " always arguing" maybe she just hangs out with this other guy for some " Fun time" maybe they ain't serious.

Have you Broken up with her?, I can't see that in your text.


If you haven't you should ask her outright what is going on.

Try not to accuse, just listen and stay calm- all the things I couldn't do when I was your age.


Good luck


P.s has she been in contact for xmas?

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I am so sorry you are going through this. One thing, from an objective party, I must say, you can and will do sooooooooo much better. By looking just at the picture, you seem way too cute for her. Sorry if that hurt your feelings, but sometimes we have to be honest with each other and you need to hear the truth.

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Yea, we broke up a few days ago, and honestly, i always go to sleep crying and wake up crying..... i feel like a wimp for it, and i dont understand why she did this to me...... do you think she'll ever come back to me? I texted her these past few days, she wont even respond.... it hurts so much

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Missy: plz dont reply back to this...i just wanted to let you know i appreciate everything you have ever done for me.. that includes being there for me thru all the rough times like my aunt dying and when i had problems with my parents. I really do love you but i just cant handle all the fighting anymore, it is stressing me out wayy to much, not that breaking up with u isnt stressful also. Also, thank you for the 3 dozen roses they were gorgeous. You really shouldnt have done that, you should have saved your money and bought something nice for yourself.




Missy: I will always love you, and you are still always in my heart

Missy: i think a little time away from one another will do us good. Talk to you soon, and i hope you and your family have a very merry christmas. Love Missy

Missy signed off at 9:12:31 AM.


she messaged me on aim the other day, when i was afk, this was the last i heard from her...

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It still hurts... she says she still loves me, i tried to force her to say that she didnt anymore so I can officially move on, here I am, crying again..... shes in another relationship and it really hurts..... she gave a girl ive been talking to dirty looks at her school, so this other girl says.... I really miss her a lot, and no matter what other girl I see, im always thinking of her.... When does all this pain stop, i dont think i can take it anymore....

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