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Should I give up?


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I just meet this guy a week ago. We meet at a bar, which I don't like to do. However, I we talked and he ended up asking me out the next night. We went and hung out and talked and really got to know each other. Since the date went well, I envited him to church with me, and he was wiling to go. He told me to call him to get him up. I called him and he never responded. The next day he sent me a text message to say he was sorry, that his phone was turned off because he owed money on his bill and he was upset about it and hoped I had a good day. I responed back to say it was ok and hoped I would see him again sometime. I have not heard from him since. I sent him another message a few days later to say hey and hope he had a safe trip home. I don't want to appear anxious, but was hoping to at least hear from him again. I know he is out of town for the holidays. Would you rule him out or believe that he will call again?

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I'd give him another week; the holidays are a crazy time for people.


From the sounds of things, he is interested in you--he asked you out and was willing to go with you to church; and his story about the cell phone is plausible (my sister does the same thing).


The ball is in his court now; he has to make some effort to contact you, so waiting another week shouldn't matter.


Happy Holidays!

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I take it you mean his cell phone was turned off. He doesn't have a land line? If not, he can't find one???


While it's possible that he might still call, I can tell you from experience that if they start out like this, they're not worth getting involved with. They DON'T get better.


Very very true.


When it starts off like this, it's just a bad bad sign. If he does call you back, be extremely cautious with this man....

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My first thought was that you asked him to go to church. Maybe this was something you both really had in common, but it seems too soon to go with someone to church. I started going to church with my ex because I loved her and wanted to learn a little more about what she believed. It is possible this guy's phone was not on or he was just uncomfortable. Like I said, you and he may have discussed religion and going to church, but it just does not seem like a good fit for a second date. Don't rule this guy out yet.



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oh - I missed that part. Ummm.... yeah, it is too soon to really invite someone to church with you. And his excuse is lame. I don't think it's the truth.


If it really is, I can't see a man that is interested in a woman telling her that he's so irresponsible that the can't keep his phone paid for. Usually they don't shut off phone service unless you've stopped paying for several months!


And don't kill me, but this is a classic, "he's just not that into you."

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I called him and he never responded. The next day he sent me a text message to say he was sorry, that his phone was turned off because he owed money on his bill and he was upset about it and hoped I had a good day.


So, his cell phone was turned off on a sunday, but turned on again the next day.....? Quite a conicidence.....

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We were talking about things in the past that had happened to both of us. He informed me that he was in a bad car wreck and it almost killed him. He also said that his life was going in a bad direction prior to the wreck and that God allow him to go thru this to wake him up and put him on the right track. He then said that his dad was a pastor of the same demonitation that I belong to. This guy heard someone else asking me where I attended church. Later on during the date is when he brought it up again. He said he had been to my church once since he moved here about 4 months ago but has not been back. He actually said he needed to find a church home because he would like to get involved in working with the youth. After we discussed all this is when I invited him to go. I was actually surprised of his response to go. Who knows he could be a jerk. Regardless he is going to have to make the next move.

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