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please read and give feedback to me!

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hiya every1,

i just thought id cum on ere and tell you my problems.

well here goes. Me and my friend met this lad luke on da internet he lives in london and he came to hull for a wk end rite, before he came he sed he loves me and ma mate n wud start goin out wid either of us but nw that he has properly met us he cums to me to flirt and do wotever as ma friend doesnt do that and he likes debx more than a friend. dont u thinks this is weird? do u think he is stringing us along? plz help me as i dont no wot to do and i dont want me and ma friend to break up coz of sum guy over this hes not worth it is he, every1 keeps telling me he aint worth it!

anyway i will be greatful if u wrote bk plz as it will help me wid a decision talk to u soon love frankee x x x thankx

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I'd be very suspicious of a guy who says he loves when he doesn't know you well (or at all?).


I doubt he "loves" you, he might like you a lot, and probably wants you to feel like he loves you, but I don't think he would love you if he has just met you.


Sounds like he just wants a girlfriend (I mean, he said he'd like to go with either of you?!).


How do YOU feel about him?


This guy doesn't love both of you, I don't think it it even possible for him to love one of you without knowing you well. He probably just is really attracted to and infatuated with you and your friend.


You two shouldn't have to choose which one gets to be with him... he shouldn't ask this of you two, what sort of a guy does this?

To me it seems like he doesn't want some girl in particular, he just wants a girl. Would you want to be that girl?

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I agree with registered. He doesn't really loves either of you and is just looking for a girlfriend, any girlfriend. From the moment he said he would go out with either of you, that should have been a warning he wasn't really interested and it would just cause problems. You can stay friends, but if he keeps trying to push for something, may not be worth it.

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If you don't want to talk to him then block him.

If he doesn't understand that you aren't interested then make sure you block him.


If you can just talk to him as online friends then do this, it wouldn't hurt I suppose, but make sure that you don't let him convince you to meet him again or anything like that... he doesn't seem like someone you need to meet again.


He sounds a little, um, weird, and so I would probably just block him and not talk to him at all.


Be really cautious about meeting people from the net... only do it if you can trust them, if you will be safe and if you want to meet them. There are a lot of weird people out there and it's easier for them to exist online than in the real world...

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