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Maybe he likes her as a friend. Maybe he likes you as a friend.

There's absolutley no way any of us here can answer this.

You're in a better position than any of us are.


I agree with Db, there's basically only one way to find out, and by asking will not get you off to a good start, im guessing.


I suggest you play it cool, and not let it worry you too much. He hasn't comitted to you, so he isn't obligated to do anything.


If he really likes you, in time he'll let you know by showing you. Just give it time, and enjoy your holidays.


Good Luck.

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I feel that I have to keep talking now!!


Don't fret, desirable.

One way or another, you will eventually know what his true intentions are.


The reason I'm advising you not to come straight out and ask him about his intentions is simply because it can be seen as over zealous/clingy, which may scare him off.

If he really does like you - let him prove it! By coming to you.

Contact him less, and keep your own life intact.


Good luck, and you know where I am if you want to talk.

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i'm in the same situation as you are. except i didnt know that this girl was his ex until i found out through myspace...long story. but you should just wait it out. i mean he told you that he likes you now you have to let him prove it through his actions...such as asking you to see a movie, dinner, etc. and calling you frequently. i say that if he doesnt do this then most likely he sees you as a friend. which there is no harm in that! who knows what can happen in the future right?? good luck. and in the mean time i suggest that you try your best not to get too into this guy until you know more about how he feels about you.

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