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Ode to a Beautiful Lady


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Ode to a beautiful lady


Nightly in my dreams, I have seen you shine bright,

Your undraped frame, natural, soothing, a delight

From the firmament, a gift from God's hands,

To walk alongside me on time's shifting sands.


First I observe your shining eyes – golden brown,

Windows to your soul, in which I wish to drown.

A sea of passion ignites the unmistakable sparks,

Of a heart and soul unbounded, tearing apart


The mundaness of my life, and my despair,

A dragon breathing not fire, but love's tender air

Upon the brow of my aching head,

Without you, I would be dead.


Next, your flowing hair glimmers in the wind

Of paradise's warm flows, my body stands akin,

Waiting and wondering to feel the unwaitable touch,

Of the strands of the fountain of my one truest love.


Oft I have reminisced the fragrance of your tresses,

An unspeakable yearning wishes me to undress

The last remaining traces of my gender's rough

Features – are my soft skin, my mosit lip enough


Limp to be worthy to embrace your lips – as onward

I discover the harbour of your mouth; and as I stood

With an aching body and creeping need,

I beg of you, beautiful goddess to take the lead.


And then, you come closer, and offer your hand,

So little, so precious, so tender, I am fanned

Down by desire's undeniable grasp,

To go forth and take it with devotion is my task.


My body comes close, and kneels silently down,

At your feet, looking up, to humbly worship the crown

Of your angelic beauty, and so instinctively I take

The lily-white palm, so warm, so small – you make


With this instrument come to birth the dreams

Of the world – verse of desire, art of scenes,

And the good deeds of a kind heart flow

Through the tiny digits that few will ever know,


But still be touched afar by the notions they inspire,

From a need, an urge, a deep-seated fire,

That holds on to the truth, and holds to account the lies

Of the worldly deceptions, and soothes the cries


From gentle souls, and the forgotten few,

That will glitter out streets with hope anew,

Because what you gave will live on forever,

For a faithful deed can die never.


These are the hands that I jealously wish would

Hold me every night of my life, how I could

Be inspired, by their inspiration, every day;

They can steal my warmth from December to May.


But from May to December, I would feel

Their tender coolness – so fully real,

Not because their blood's chambermaid was cold,

But for it was my time to warm and to behold.


Hands joined, fingers clasped, I rise to meet you,

And slowly I gaze into the eyes that drew

Me all at once from afar, to give myself whole,

To your singular embrace – my dreams once told


Me of a lady so fair, so slender and beautiful,

Where my needs and yearnings would be plentiful

Fulfilled, day after blessed day, this is my calling,

Never would from your arms would I find myself falling.


Heads touched in an unspoken bond,

I trace your beauty from top to beyond,

Downward along your fragile neck,

The breasts of love seek to wreck


My disintegrating composure with enticing surprise,

And so upon their peaks do fall my eyes.

Slowly, oh slowly, our hands fall away,

So that upon your bossom mine might pray.


But not before I see the feet that grace the land,

The legs that carry you far, and home, along sand,

Sea, mountain, path and stream,

They take you wherever your dreams


Command them to follow, whether near or far,

You were born under the most blessed star,

To have been embued with a soul and shape,

That both posess the radiance of God's agape.


I will walk beside you wherever we shall go,

For it is where you are, my dreams also follow.

They are the same, they are the exact,

No need for unsureness, or shallow acts.


From my brief praise, I return to your face,

I stumble accross elven ears – soft as lace,

Whisper will I the most beautiful of things,

Upon your fingers, I will place rings


Of my love's token, to join those already there,

Thought, word and action is how you know I care,

And so it will be that I will return,

As a mystical creature to make your fires burn


Again, with an unbridled need and measure,

To lead one day to our wondrous Treasure.

You are a lady, beautiful and pure,

No more of this world I wish you to endure.


Always I will be here, to soften the blows,

Of the demands, the lies and the harrows.

You don't belong here, my sweet dear,

It is surely heaven, that is clear.


Once more I return to admire your form,

Your features more than perfect, adorn

The figure that God himself intended

To be known as 'female' – wedded


Eternally to the splendour of your spirit,

There is no affection that is beyond your limit.

And so I stare at the chests of nurture,

My lips hope to be worthy workers


Of bringing ecstasy, delight and extol,

To harden your mountains and melt your soul,

So that pliant, my body may join with yours,

Underneath the sounds of celestial encores.


And union of two bodies and one heart,

This is only but the start,

Of a lifelong duty to love's highest mission,

To show the truth to all men and women.


Beautiful lady, these are but words,

And this is to you but an ode,

Come soon will my deeds,

And then you'll know…

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