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how many have lived to regret?

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how many people have either experienced the regret themself or know someone who has after that person suddenly ended a long (12 years) relationship because "there must be someone better out there"?


does karma really exist, i am tending to doubt it, call me bitter but this is the only form of redemption i can see possible. that the one leaving for no good reason ends up worse off. look for ward to your replies.

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Hey Pete,

According to some of your earlier posts she left you correct? Well, the way I see it if she left you then it had to be a good reason why she did it after twelve years. I heard once that if you ask a woman why she left you the first answer is never the actual one. It might be part of the reason, but if you keep probing she'll let into why she left you. In this situation you just have to give it time. If she leaves the door open for communication then go for it and find out why she REALLY left. But if she just shuts you out, count your losses and try and move on. The most important thing is the mindset you have. If you prepare yourself mentally with the fact that theres a possibility she wont come back, then it will only be easier on you. Notice I said EASIER, not easy. Its gonna be hard, but only you can control how hard it will affect you. Godspeed my friend and happy holidays!

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I haven't left anyone for "something better". But my last long term relationship was ended out of no where, due to the same thing..


My ex lives with regret and expresses that to me pretty often..


I think she's trying to instill the regret of my not taking her back right now, into me..

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