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I broke NC after 2.5 months - HELP! SuperDave or anyone!!!

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Hi guys,

Well my ex and I were together for 9 months and we broke up over some major differences cos he started drinking heavily! We broke up on the phone - I ended it and no contact for 2.5 months. I initiated contact this afternoon this is what i said:


"merry xmas babe. you still have some of my clothes which id please like back. I have yours too what do you want me to do with them?"


He replied in 20 minutes.


"Yeah merry xmas and thanks for the card. You can come and collect your clothes whenever. Mine I don't care but I do want my Dirty Dancing CD back."


So he dont want his clothes which cost a fortune but he want his CD back which cost a fiver!!!


What should I do? I don't want to go to his as that's his territory and it will bring back too many memories. What should be my next move someone please help!!!!!!!!

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