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too shy to do anything ! HELP !


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help !


iv been dating this girl for about 4 weeks and absolutley nothing has been accomplished. and the source of this problem is our shyness. she is shyer than me which makes things even more difficult. im her first boyfriend unlike me, ( who had g/f 's althoway through school) and everything is new to her.

her best friend told me that she wanted a first kiss from me except she is to shy. BUT I AM TOO ! where and how should i do it ! should i ask her on a date or something ???

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Calm down. First relationships are scary, at any age. There are butterflies in your stomach and you are unsure of yourself and what to do. You worry about making a mistake or that you won't do it right. You worry about putting yourself out there and risking your heart. It's all perfectly natural. We all go through it at some point.


Something has been accomplished in those 4 weeks. Sure, maybe not a kiss. But you have spent time together and gotten very close. You know that she wants a kiss, which is accomplishing something right there.


From a guy who is very very shy, and who just a few months ago had his first kiss, I think the best thing is to not worry about it. Right now you are worrying about it and putting pressure on yourself to kiss her. That pressure is making you more shy and more scared. What you should do is not think. Enjoy the date, enjoy being with her. At some point you will get that urge to kiss her. Then just follow your heart and go with how you feel. Kissing is all about trusting your heart and learning to let it do the driving. If you do, you'll kiss her and it will be one amazing memory.

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