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MY dilemma.....long but please read and help..!

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alright guys this is my problem..... ok well i went out with this beautiful chick for about 2 months...then she told me she didnt want a relationship...but i said we both liked each other and we should just date for now.....so she agreed...we kept going out..., i made one mistake which was that i never made the move on her(kiss her)....i mean we always held hands, hugged and stuff but i never kissed her....so then she tells me we should just be friends cause she had lost interest in me(shes a very honest girl)well anyways we were friends for like 3 months and so i decided i would try to conquer her again....so i went on my friends AIM whom she also talks to and we chatted but her thinking im my friend...so i asked her if she would give me another chance and she said she prob would and i asked her if she would let me kiss her and she said if i had the balls to do it she would...lol well supposidly this is my friend talking to her....anyways the next day i have this new hope and we start chatting on the phone and i ask her if she would gimme another chance at it...she said she would think about it and the next day she told me it was too late for me to try cause she had lost most of her interest in me.....well nonetheless she begged me to stay friends(she means it) and i tell her i had to get over her first so that i didnt wanna talk to her for atleast a couple weeks(btw we had talked EVERYDAY prior to this since we met either by phone or txt or online).......anyways i was pretty sad so i went out and partied and in 1 week and a half i hook up with 2 girls....well with all the partying and * * * * i was pretty sure i had forgotten her....so i txted her telling her i was ready to be friends now and she was elated......well when she found out about my hookups she was kinda jealous and sad at the same time because she thought i was some player now and that i had changed....well anyways weve been "friends" for the last month or so and i have really grown to care for her a lot as a friend because we talk every single day for hours...anyways a couple says ago she made the mistake of giving me that little shred of hope....she told me that for that one week we didnt talk that she was very sad and missed me and she realized then that she actually liked me.....she also said that "its hard to find a guy with ur looks and personality" lol which i thought was nice...well anyways lets just say my interest in her is starting to come up again but i dont wanna tell her about because i dont want to risk our friendship this time...what do i do? i am talking to 2 other chicks but i cant even start liking them because i kinda still like this girl....and also i was thinking about how i would feel if she ever dated someone and i would be pissed because she lied to me that she didnt want a relationship and also cause shes with a guy obviously....but i think the only thing i can do is find a girl thats better than her thats the only way i think ill forget her......lol but i wont lie to u...my dream is for me and this girl to be friends for a long time...and then she dates a bunch of guys and realizes that the right guy has been infront all this time(me) and we live happily ever after...lol hope that happens..what do u guys think i should do?

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I have this same idea with one of my guy friends lol. So my advice is somewhat bias - but I say if you like the girl, go for it. It seems like you two have really connected and it maybe took that time apart for her to realize what she had. I say tell her how you feel, but don't over do it - leave the ball in her court for now. If she lets you go again, let it be.

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I think you should continue doing what you're doing. Going out, talking with other girls, while still maintaining being a friend to this girl that you like. I wouldn't base your whole life around her and you hooking up though.


Your friend sounds like she does like you; but is probably afraid of losing your friendship if you two break up. Otherwise she would have been happy that you had hooked up with a couple girls right?

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