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This vent is not to put down my ex. His name is ****


We just didnt work out. We have been in trouble in our relationship for about 2-3 months now. He didnt see that we could work it out. To be honest I thought that it could work, but I still had my doubts.


I just want him to be happy. May life bring him happiness, blessings, money, and love. Where ever that maybe.


I hope that we can be friends, one day maybe. For now good bye!


I am sorry ya'll but I just had to write that.


If ya'll dont mind I would like to write some feelings in here, whenever I feel down.


I can be strong, I will be strong. Our breakup was for the best.








**** called and stated he wanted to work things out. Well it has been almost a week, and he has been the best. I am hoping this will last.


He has been telling me he loves me, that he isnt going to leave, that he 100% sure of our relationship now.


And he stated that he will try and find a job around where we live. Instead of going to DC or somewhere else.


He also has been so romantic


I do however have fears, that he will grow tired of out relationship, but he keeps saying we will be ok.


So Hopefully it will work out.


I had my doubts about us working out, and after spending last night with him, I knew and realized I still loved him very much, and that I want to marry him.


Which if we can both get our bills in order, and get everything going well, and he actualy keeps a job, he said we will get married


so thanks for everyones help


have a great day!

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((((((big hugs)))))


I am sorry to hear about this turn of events Laura, what happened? Unfortunately while it takes two to make a relationship work, it only takes one to end it, and while it hurts, it's best that you find someone whom would be as committed to working through things as you are.


I wish you lots of "healing vibes" and strength. Even when things are for the best, they are not easy!


Hope & faith,



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No his ex had nothing to do with it. He told me he loved but didnt see it working out. And since he hasnt had a job for about 6 months, he feels he needed to be on his own, to grow up. Which In all reality, he does need to grow up. And move out of his mother's house. And with me there it wont make it easy on him. And I have known we should have broken up 3 months ago. But I am not sure why I didnt let it happen. I do care about him, but it wasnt going to work out unless he grows up. And I myself do need to grow as well. School maybe, a better career. Not sure, but something needs to change for the better.


I am honestly thinking of getting another tat! maybe another chinese symbol lol I love tats!

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He didnt have a job, so that caused us to fight.


He wouldnt call me when he was suppose to. I over called (to try and get him to call)


I wanted marriage he didnt.


The sex life kinda sucked (because after everything I wasnt comfortable with him) (he never cheated, but he just didnt comfort me like I needed, so why should I give him sex)


He was a jerk at times, I was mean towards him.


And that is all I can think of right now!


I want to be with him, so bad but I am just scared to death.


he said that we will get married once we live on our own. But I want him to propose like he means it, and we set a date.


He says that he loves me, and will not let anything stop us from being together.


I am so scared.

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I had to go to my boyfriends house. to get my contacts i left over there, I have pink eye. * * * * it hurts too.


And when I went over there, he held me and kissed me. Like nothing had changed.


It was really nice for him to kiss me and hold me. In only 4 days I missed him very much. He said that he had complete faith is us to work it out.


And I am trying but still fearful.


I am kind of afraid because I dont want to have sex with him for a while until I am 100% comfortable with him again. He is going to have to understand?


I honestly just want him to hold me forever and never deal with the outside world.


My family isnt happy with him at all. I told my mother that we were going to see where it goes. And I am just scared.

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