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I'm too timid with my friends...

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Hi, I have a couple friends, but when I'm around them it is difficult for me to be myself. I'm always thinking what they think of me when i say this or that, and always try to please them in different ways, whether its agreeing with them or being a "yes" man.


I'm a coward, I can't seem to voice my opinion directly for fear that it might not be agreeable to them. Sometimes I don't even have the guts to message or call my friend up and ask them to hang out, because i always think they might not want to and have "better" things to do. Basically this has caused me to lose people that I might have been friends with, because i rarely call them thinking and always waiting for people to call me.


I realize I have been wrong, and should live for myself and have friends that accept me for who I am. Does anyone else feel the way I do when they have friends, but have a feeling that they might not want to hang out with you?


I need help on how to stop being such a coward...


thanks for your time...

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Generally speaking, or so the cliche goes, A true friend won't care what you have to say because they'll understand you for all that you are.


Realistically, that's a bit flowery and I know from personal experience. One must be themselves and be bold but selectively so. It is extremerly easy to alienate friends by speaking your mind a little too much.


I have a number of friends but I usually go to them to hang out. They never come to me and infact, my phone never rings for me. That doesn't mean I don't have fun though.


It's important to be yourself but at the same time not be yourself to a snoody, obnoxious level.


How do you become less risk-averse? There's only one way, by taking the leap, taking that step that you might have been hesitant to take before. That's the only way

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