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Basketball+Mom Please Read/Reply

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Hey, I am on my basketball team as a left wing. I am a little bigger in size and I can't run too well. I try my hardest. Some of the people on my team think I should be kicked off and come back when I can run better. I can run good but not great. I am awesome and basketball though, just not really the running part. What should I do about that?


Another thin I would llike to say is that my mom and I have been getting along ALOT better now. It's going good. She has gotten rid of the drugs and she is trying to stop smoking all together! I was so happy when I found out, BUT I wasa too happy so my STEP-DAD rabbed my arm and trew me accross the room.

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Yes im also kind of confuesed here, whats going on??. IS violence against you regular, you should really report him or something there is no excuse for it. And as for the basketball, you have two choices stay a really good player as you are, or shed afew pounds and become an amazing player. Im not saying diet, just maybe exercise more or something.

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Have you thought about talking too your coach and see what they suggest, if you want too diet cut back on fatty foods slowly and just eat more healthier and just exercise a little more than what you normaly do is a great start. If your unsure always consult your doctor for your advice.


As for this what you have said here

I was so happy when I found out, BUT I wasa too happy so my STEP-DAD rabbed my arm and trew me accross the room.
it doesn't quite make sense and is confusing for those trying too offer some help.
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You may want to ask you coach to change your position.

And if you feel that it may help - you could increase your stamina through training.


I think it is suppose to read:

"I was so happy when I found out, BUT I was too happy, so my Step-Dad grabbed my arm and threw me accross the room"


I take that to mean that he took it as you were being too concerned with your mother's issues - and your step-father took offence?

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When you say he hurts you do you mean emotionaly or physicaly?? and he tells you lots, do you mean he tells you he hates you??.


If physicaly refer back to my previous post.


He should not be able to get away with hurting you physicaly or emotionaly. Have you told your mum how he makes you feel and what he does?? does she know?? If she you tell her and she doesn't believe her give her proof, like a recording or something.


But then there is the wider issue to look at. You say your mum has a problem with drugs and she has just come off them. If you showed her what her husband is like would she get depressed and go back to the drugs. In the greater picture is it best to say or not say. Please someone else help me on this point.

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For your running, try a few things:


1. Form running, you look like a dweeb, but it helps. See: link removed


link removed


2. Get on a bike, even an exercise bike if you must and ride intervals. Ride as hard as you can for 15-30 seconds then ease up for 45-1 minute. Over time lengthen the time you ride hard and shorten the ease up time. Riding fast gets your legs used to moving fast. Also, it will absolutely kill your legs at first. It will tire you out and make you want to not walk. But soon, no one will be able to go as long or as far as you can. You can also do this running or in some other things. See: link removed


3. Finally, Plyometrics. See: link removed


Great news on your Mom. Not much better than knwoing she is getting better.


Your step-Dad, yikes. That sounds like it might be abuse.

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My step dad was some what like that.If it becomes too much for you,you obviously will have to reach out to somebody.If it doesnt go that far just remember you mwill get your revenge when your older.Me and my brother take a sadistic pleasure in f*ing with the old man.My mom doesnt see it and he treats her well so......just remember people always get whats coming to them.

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Yes it's good to hear that your mother is on the right path . I'd suggest talking too someone about your step-fathers behaviour towards you, although you might be afraid if you tell on him, what he's doing is wrong and he needs too understand that, from what your saying it does sound like abuse.


Talking to someone else about it will help, maybe a doctor as they will know what too do in such cases. If you feel scared that he is likely to harm and hurt you then the best action would be to call the authorities.

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Practice hard and keep at it and you will be ok with the team.


Your dad is a bigger issue though. Does your mom know about this behavior? Have you tried talking to her about it and getting her to talk action against him? If you don't feel you can talk to her, is there another friend or relative who can help? He is wrong for abusing you like that and it should be addressed with as soon as possible.


Hope things get better and sorry you have to deal with it. But good that your mom is doing better.


Happy Holidays. I'll be thinking about you.

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