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my chance to knock his socks off #2:sooo we slept together, now what!??

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Well looks like I knocked his socks off, and the rest of his clothes for that matter

I had a post up about this guy I like, he is a friend and I wanted to let him know that I liked him once and for all. We always flirted etc...but he is a hard guy to read so i never knew. Anyway, the night I was supposed to see him (at a party) we ended up sleeping together!

I don't know if it was the best thing to do, but it happened and I can't change that now!

We talked the other night about what happened. We were both really vague with one another, I am not sure either of us really knew what to say. It happened so fast, so out of no where, neither of us were prepared! Now I am left wondering if anything will come out of this. We get along great, but when we talked nothing concrete was said. We will be seeing eachother next week at another gathering but other than that we are both too busy. I wanted to ask him flat out if he was interested in dating me, but the words would not come out of my mouth. It was like I said everything I did not want to say......I was so nervous/confused! He said we will talk soon but I don't know if he was just saying that to be nice. I seriously don't know if this was just a one night thing. It was like he wanted to say more to me but the words would not come out of him either. Now I am left just as confused. What should I do? Should I wait a couple days and call him just to say hello? I thought that would be a good idea but if he is not interested then i might just end up creeping him out. What is a girl to do???

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I wish I could help you..but I guess the best bet is to talk to him. I feel that this might be the same situation if I get together with one of my female friends. With me it would not be a spur of the moment, because I actually want to see if she's romantically interested in me or not. How is this going to happen? Well I will volunteer with her, and then walk her back to her place. I'll ask her questions like: "Are u currently dating someone?" within our conversation. I figure that asking her questions about US will be the best way to plan for anything that comes up (kiss on the lips good night, vs. friendly hug). The question I have, like you, is WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN NEXT? Traditionally, if two friends have sex they don't become friends anymore..instead its lovers or a romantic couple until they break up and (1) never see each other again, and (2) go back to being friends.


Option (2) sounds really good, and I might just decide to take my connection with my girl friend to a whole new level..or you and your guy friend might go ahead and become a romantic couple and eventually become friends again. Some romantic couples don't have happy break-ups.

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It is a tough situation and you both have a lot of mixed feelings and are confused right now. It is understandable that speaking about it might be hard. But the only thing you can do is speak about it. You need to have an honest, heartfelt talk about how you each feel and what you want to come from this. Should you pursue a relationship, I recommend taking it slow.

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