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hey all,

ive recently been through a stage of thinking and analising everything to do with life. mainly cos i asked myself what we are doing here and what life is exactly and possibly confusing myself and so a whole snowball of thoughts has evolved like thinking about my sole,body,mind,fiction,reality. i find it hard to move on from thoughts and accept life as it is. sometimes i can feel weird or stupid and start thinking about stuff that scares me like am i goin mad or will i start seeing seeing/hearing things it may be because i got so confused as i couldnt answer the hugest question we all have- what is the meaning of life. i just need help in moving on and accepting life as it is and stop questioning everything and start seeing straight. can anyone help- or understand me?? it sumtimes feels like im the only one pondering and worrying and analyzing things when i see everyone getting on with life.


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Believe me when i say that you are not the only one. I am in exactly the same place as you right now, i feel very lonely sometimes becuase i think that i am the only person who thinks this way. Most people probably think about it at some point in their lives.


When i have nothing to do i find myself sitting and thinking about all of the wonderful things in life... nature, my friends and family, my girlfriend, music, god etc. and i find myself sinking into a very blue and sad state when i think "why is it all here? what is it for? what is it's meaning? why does it all exist? does it exist quite simply to "be" or does it serve some higher purpose?"


I can tell you know that people have pondered over these things for thousands of years, these thoughts and feelings you have about life are the reason for religion. People cannot explain something so they accept that it has a higher purpose and was created for a reason that we are not yet able to understand. These thoughts are the reason that scientists work hard every day to try and figure out where everything comes from and these thoughts are the reason that people like me and you get so confused, depressed and isolated.


The reason people get on with their lives is their business, you have to find your own way to accept life as it is and then you will be able to get on with your own life. Find something to pour your heart and soul into, a sport or a hobby is best, and then you will learn to enjoy life! I am probably not the best person to be telling you all this becuase i still ponder over it almost every day, but then i find something that makes me feel good - work, listening to music, spending time with friends or my girlfriend and partying! These all help to keep me sane!


Just out of interest...how old are you?

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I am totally hearing you right now. I have only one suggestion and that is to go to a library or Bookstore with some time on your hands and grab every book of interest with the possibility of an answer to your questions in them. Then skim through them and reflect. This has helped me come up with some answers on a small level.

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im 20 years old. ive thought about it all before and i managed to move on about 3 years ago. i had a few unfortunate events and i got shook up about and brought all these questions back up. i just end up confusing myself sometimes so much so that i begin to panik. i accept it all then it all comes creeping back. guess ive never really question wot i always accept every day to day. at the moment ive tended to look at earth and space and our exsistence and its strcuk me at how amazing life is. i think i sometimes look at my questioning maybe much more in a negative way especially seen as im finding it hard to move on adn get more frustrated that i cant. i know people have turned to religion and i guess i have just had alot more time on my hands to reflect. but the thing that annoys me the most is that ive pondered so much and question everything that it feels like i wont see life in the same way again. dunno if that makes sense. it just annoys me that i cant seem to move on and accept that ill never be able to answer it it just makes me get all fuzzy headed and feel weird. ive started to get better everyday by thinkin more positive which seems to block some thoughts.

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This time of year more so than any other time of year causes many to reflect on their lives and question their own existence. As we close one chapter, we open another and look to what we want to accomplish in the new year. Many call this analysis paralysis. We think so much about it we never get anywhere. It's like trying to steal second base and keeping one foot on first. You just can't do it. Accomplishing small feats such as putting together a puzzle or building a model help reinforce our sense of seeing, visualizing progress. Remember life is like a puzzle, find the edges and corners first and the work your way to the center.

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thankyou for all your advise, i think this forum has opened my eyes alot about accepting things and realising im not the only one. i still sometimes get confused and panic about things but im taking one step at a time like you said because i know i cant clear all my thoughts at once.one way of looking at it all is that im not walking around unconsciously about my exsistence least i have the intellegence to question it!!


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