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Hi all,


I don't know, if this is the best place for this post, but this is where I live in terms of being someone going through NC. I recently met a very nice woman and we talked a few times and went out last saturday. After the date, she said some very nice things and I was so happy to meet someone new. When I meet someone, I don't have expectations at the beginning. I am attracted to her, but was totally open to being friends. I was interested, but that only means I want to explore the possibilities. It is so weird because I made a post about how people play games. I am so expressive and love to tell a woman she is beautiful or sweet. Well, it was not getting a good response and I got a little peeved. I guess my ego kicked in. I decided to play it cool and forget all of the compliments. We were talking today and she said she might be moving in a few weeks to Vegas, which is about a 4 hour drive. I decided that I have nothing to lose because she will only be a friend anyway. We talked all day through IM and it turned into so much flirting and she really opened up. It was just so weird. We started talking about vactions and she asked if I thought we got along to go away together. It was just so weird. We talked tonight and she was very sweet. I really don't have a point, but it is weird how I opened up and was so expressive and she just dove in. I things go as I think they will, then she and I will spend the next two weeks having a really fun time together and she will move. She already said she wants me to come visit. I am guessing we will become awesome friends and hopefully have a few sexual adventures before she leaves. I think her moving is so premature, but at the same time, it made me realize there are women out there that will apprciate me and enjoy my company. I guess my point is this....I woke up this morning thinking about this new woman and not my ex. I am not in love with this woman and I am totally cool becoming long distance friends. But, it felt good to shart my emotions with another woman. I guess I am saying that once you make NC, you will find someone else that will motivate you to care again. It's fun being excited about someone new, but at the same time, it takes a long time to fall in love. She just might be the one to get me over the hump and may become an amazing friend. I do hope I get to experience sex with her because she is hot. lol



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Good for you Ocrob. LOL. I'm glad you were able to open up and talk to her.


As advanced a society as we are..the mating ritual is archaic still. And we all wear masks to convey the person we want the outside world to see. And we cloak ourselves with "KRIPTONITE" so that we don't get hurt again. Arrrgghh.. Baggage. Having been in a rough relationship you tend to question Motis Operandi... or agendas. LOL.


From a womans point of view. Having a man look at me in the eye and tell me that I am beautiful... is very difficult. I might long to hear these words... and am not accustomed to hearing them. And.. truthfully, its akward because.. you don't know how to respond to them. I LOVE hearing them.. but I still will blush.. and look away.


Anway.. glad things turned out for you..

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From this and that other thread you created I think you've handled this situation really well and shown this woman a lot of respect. Well done.


It's kind of a shame for you she is moving away but I guess it isn't too far away.

But it sounds like you've made a great friend anyway and your lucky to be able to open up to her.


All the best, hope it turns out well!

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