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I spoke to a ex last night. He told me that he still wants to be with me and that he still likes me allot. Im not sure what to do...


Heres some background

We went out for around 6 months, then broke up due to him having family problems. We stopped talking for ages, when we started talking again he was seeing another girl, (and I was with another guy) but he did tell me (during that time) that he missed me and still thought about me. Well anyway, he stopped seeing that girl and started talking to me more (I had broken up with the guy I was with too). He found out what happened between My ex and I (abuse and attempt rape) and was really upset. But he brought up the topic of sex and how he wanted to sleep with me. So once again I stopped talking to him.


When we spoke yesterday, he asked me why I stopped talking to him, I told him that I became paranoid when he brought up the topic of sex and he apologosied and said he didnt know how I felt. He also said that the last time we did spend time with eachother he didnt make any moves on me, and he showed that he repected me.


Do you think it was a misunderstanding? everyone has a person who no matter what happens and what they say the person will still like them and think about them, (my friends and I call that person our pingpong) well this guy is my pingpong hehe which makes it harder for me to think clear.


Thanks for your help.

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Erm not 100% sure what your wanting an answer too here. But I believe he was very unthoughtfull and tactless with what he said due to certain occurrences that have sadle happened lately (sorry to hear about them).


Also saying he wants to have sex with you is not the way to attract a decent woman. I mean what planet is he from (there may be more to it than I know, which makes that point less stupid) But to say it after you were a victim of attempeted rape is just disgusting.


And I don't believe in such things as "pingpongs" I believe it is just a person who can't let go of the past and move on.


The question you need to ask, is do you wan't to go back down the path of a relationship with him? And if you do, will it lead to happyness or be the best thing?.


By all means meet up with him again, if he does treat you with respect. But dont string him along if you never want a "relationship" with him. Tell him strait you don't want to go down that path. And if he is a decent bloke he will understand and stay friends.

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