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Maybe I'm suffering from a touch of 'Grass is Greener' syndrome here, but I feel that none of the local girls are attractive to me! My girlfriend lives in Swansea (SW Wales) which is a fair distance so we rarely see each other, and only then briefly. Consequently I'm more than a little dissatisfied with our relationship. Its sad because she is the kind of girl I would like a long term thing with, but it can't really happen the way we are. Apart from that I went away to England recently, and noticed far more girls there of the type I would flirt with. I work with non-local people (Holiday resort), and I have noticed the same there.


Am I dissillusioned or what? Then again I do live in the country and thereforeeee don't meet as many of the opposite sex as I perhaps do on trips away. What is my problem?

Thank you all!

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Perhaps none of the local girls are attractive because you are preoccupied with your girlfriend? Your mind is so busy thinking about that, and your heart is so busy dealing with your feelings for her, that you don't think about other girls. It's perfectly natural.


You do have to decide what it is you want from your relationship. If you really love her and want it to work, you two can find a way to make it work. Talk to each other, communicate. Let each other know just how you are feeling. From there, work together and do what is best for each of you. Exhaust all possibilites before you call a relationship quits.


And if you do break up and you still aren't attracted to any of those girls, perhaps you've just hit a dry spell in running into girls you like. There's nothing that says you need to be attracted to lots and lots of girls or that you can't just put a brake on things and not be trying for a relationship.

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