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Does he want me?

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Right, I like this boy and i'm really confused to whether he likes me too. He's kissed me and we've been on dates and we have loads in common but he just knows ill run after him and call him and stuff so he doesnt bother contacting me. He's very popular and good looking so could have any girl really. Im so in love with him and think about him all day and night. Why would he take me on dates, squeeze my hand and kiss me if he didnt care less? because when im not with him this is how he comes accross.


What should i do? what should i say to him?

Anyone got any cool things i can say to him to make him realise im not gonna wait round for him? like "lets sack us off cos you dont give a damn" and pretend i dont care


help me i really want him

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So, from what I can tell, the guy likes you. He's taken you out on dates and kissed you. The question is more how into you is he? He may not want anything serious with you. You might want to back off a little. Let him contact you and come to you. You don't want to come off as overeager. Besides, if he doesn't come to you on his own initiative then it's not worth pursuing anything with him because in that case it would be clear that he's not that into it.

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The problem is that you have feelings for a guy that doesnt return those feelings and because of this it is influencing your behavior to generate an even greater attraction to him. Just because a guy kisses you and goes on dates with you doesnt mean that he really wants you it just means that he likes doing those things with you.


I dont believe that acting contrary to yourself is going to have any kind of lasting effect on your relationship with this guy. What you need to know is that it would appear that he doesnt have the same feelings for you. Instead of this increasing how much you like him it should make you realize that that kind of situation is only going to lead to you being hurt.

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hey, sounds like a guy that even I would go for lol. on a more serious note however, he could be a player. Obviously by my name you can see I am a guy adn I too am guilty of this. Popularity is something we all love, I see your age as 19 and I can only assume that he is around that same area19/20 approx. He thinks he can have any girl so he is going to check out his options and take advantage of this exploritory phase. And so should you, This is the fun part, go up to him tell him you really enjoyed your date with him and tell him youd like to be with him again. Should he say yes, then on that date you could get his views on relationships. YOu know bring it up while you two are hanging, use another couple . For instance a couple walks by you can remark gee they look like a great couple, have you ever been that happy in a relationship. see what he says. NOw going back to the experimentation thing, I want you to realize as you likely do, lets say things dont work out well ditch, he's a jerk and go on to find someone new. Since you have been out with someone that sounds popular leads me to believe that you are a hot commodoty as well. Take advantage of it, have fun, explore.

Hope this helps.



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