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i need some advice on this guy friend of mine

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okay i have this friend. im still in highschool and hes in college. so hes about an hour away from me. we talk all the time online, through texting, whatever. alot of the time he talks about wanting to have sex with me and the things he wants to do to me. i change the subject. cause i mean when we talk about other things its fine. but he really wants to have sex with me. he wants to come over and hang out tomorrow. but idk if thats a good idea or not. my boyfriend doesnt like him and might be really mad if he does. but hes my friend and i'd like to hang out with him. idk what would happen if he asks for something and i tell him no. hes been like that before. we were talking online and he asked me when we were going to have sex, and i told him we wernt, and he totally went off on my yelling about how since he was the " big bad highschool all state quarterback " or whatever. that he gets what he wants when he wants it.. meaning me.


hes such a sweet guy when he wants to be but idk what to do about him. help please!

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If you already have a boyfriend than your guy friend should respect that. I see no harm in him coming over provided you have someone else in the house e.g. parent or friend in case he tries to make a move, this is only if you don't feel comfortable about the situation as his behaviour has been the way he is.


Have you talked your friend about his behaviour and the fact that he think that he can have you doesn't make it so. Maybe you should have a chat with your boyfriend, i know he's probably going to be mad at the thought, at the end it's your call really on what you want to do. If you feel confident that you can trust this friend then it should be OK.

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