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I've never had a boyfriend

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Not an encouraging story as such bust most of the guys and girls I know hadn't had girlfriends by the age of 16, and now they're just fine. I'm sure there are guys out there your age who are only just starting to look for girls. High school is a very shallow place and people are putting people down all the time it is easy for a guy between the ages of 13 and 16 to simply not give it any thought; if he isn't in the 'cool' crowd then he is possibly under the impression he couldn't get a girl if he tried. Most relationships before then are just that, 'cool crowd kudos' It's between 17 and 20 that things open up and the search for relationships becomes more inclusive and more adult.


So yes you are still young, but you are also at an age where relationships work a lot differently to the long-term adult relationships. So you'll catch up when things change and it becomes about love and friendship as opposed to kudos and coolness.


So there is plenty of time over the next 4 years, guys will start to notice your actual qualities and not just whether you hang round with the right crowd. If anything there is no surprise that at 16 you haven't had a boyfriend, it just means that you aren't neessarily as influenced by peer pressure.


*of course I know that some people do mature before their time, and form proper relationships before they are 16, but this would only happen if their partner was a similarly mature individual and this isn't going to be all that common.

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Darling when I was your age I felt the same way.


And you know what you will get a boyfriend, It just takes time. Normally teenagers really dont start dating until they get out of high school.


If anyone makes fun of you for not having a boyfriend, just at least I dont have to answer to anyone but me!


When I was your age I had people who made fun of me for being single. And you know what being single is a wonderful thing. You get to explore who you are without someone keeping you down. Or getting jealous about something. At your age at 16 you still barely know who you are. It takes time to find out who you want to be, I am 22 years old and I still have a hard time knowing what I like. Just take your time and find someone who will compliment you.


And when you least expect it, true love finds you in time.

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don't worry, it's perfectly natural to be shy and single at 16. your in a stage of life where your growing rapidly, your hormones are changing and your finding yourself. so don't worry things do get better. you just have to trust that your a wonderful person that any guy would be lucky to have.


one piece of advice though, don't settle for anytihng less than you want in highschool just because their acting like they like you, and don't stray from your moral and value system. other than that, have a great time hun, and just be proud to be who you are =)

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