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I've been with my boyfriend Ryan for almost a year now. I'm a very suspicious, insecure person. Shamefully, I often go snooping on his blogs, emails, etc... Today I found a private message to a naked girl who lives in his town on one of his blogs. I don't know if I should believe his story or not... He told me that he didn't send it, and doesn't know who did, that a lot of people know his password. A few months ago, we had a similar problem. I was at his house online and a girl IM'd me with a flirty message that I was not happy with. However, that time he claimed that nobody knows his password... I don't know what to believe. I love him, and honestly don't think he would hurt me like that... but there's nothing telling me he didn't do either of those things. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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What can anyone say? It does sound suspicious. You have asked him about it, he has responded. You have to decide if you believe him or not and you know him as well as anyone.


If you decide you don't believe him then what are you going to do about it? If you absolutely knew he was lying, what would you do about it?

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Thank you both for replying. I have to say that if I did know for sure that he did this, I would be really angry. He may be flirting with other women online. However, I'm with him all the time, I'm close with his parents, and I really don't think he has the nasty in him to cheat on someone. If I did know this was true, I'd probably ask him to apologize and CUT THE S**T. I'm not positive, though, which is what makes this so hard. I'm hoping to get to the bottom of all this, so I can decide for myself what is going to happen from now on.


Thanks again for your input guys.

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Im sorry to say this, but it sounds like he is lying. In my previous relationship I was very insecure. Looking through his email, checking his buddy list. It drove both me and him crazy. All of the things you are saying sounds similiar to what my ex would say. I know you love him and it isnt that simple to leave him especially if you do not have concrete evidence. these are red flags. I wish I would've picked ip on them and stopped being naive because it turned out that he was doing his thing and he ended up breaking up with me because he wanted to play the field. All I can say is be smart and make the best decision for you.



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Thanks guys... the thing is, I do trust him and I actually do believe him. We've been together for a pretty long time, through ups and downs... We've both done and said some nasty things, but I think I topped it off when we broke up once, and I got back with my ex. I think if he didn't truly love me, he wouldn't have taken me back. For now, I'll let it lie the way it is, but if I get anymore reason to believe he's not being faithful, it will be over. I totally agree with you, when you say the not knowing for sure is the hardest part. Not only does it make me mad because I can't prove it, but it makes me doubt he did too! Thanks for your replies, guys.

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