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Help! Boyfriend Doesnt Communicate

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hi, me and my bf have bin togeather for 3 months and already we fight alot. he says its me but i say different. he has really bad mood swings and he doesnt open up about anything, and i think its because of his past. im scared we wont last much longer. he gets in a bad mood n that puts me in bad mood and he's not sensitive at all. how can i get him to start opening up and to start showing me he loves me because i know he does inside!!

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sorry but i must be frank. its three months hun. if this guy is like this now he isnt going to change. and he either loves you and is a jerk or doesnt love you and doesnt care. either way, its not good and i really think you're settling big time. this is just un necessary aggrivation. you DONT NEED IT. this is suppose to be the "i think you're perfect faze" not "the fighting is all your fault faze". you might want to tell him that clearly he isnt ready for a gf and you dont mind being just his friend, because right now it looks like thats what he needs.

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he has really bad mood swings and he doesnt open up about anything


This is not a way to start a relationship. Its just been three months and his already shutting you out. I have to agree with Goddess about him not changing. take this as a early warning sign, be thankful it came out now then a few years down the road..

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