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I Am Jealous Of My Friend..does He Like Her??


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i know i shouldn't have got jealous of my friend but this time i really am starting. I m a traditional indian girl and my best friend is Chinese. I have noticed this guy from the other department for so long but have never ever had a chance to talk with him. Until i introduced my frined to my work, from my perspective she is very attractive, she can persuade guys to do things for her and she is very sociable. within a week she actually got the chance to work at the deparment with the guy i like. first she only worked ther for a day, then the 2nd time she stayed in there. When my friend and i had lunch, she was telling me how the guy always chat wither her, friendly, and awlays give her more tasks to do when she askes to stay in the deparment. like, i mean the more i listen the more i get jealous hoping that guy can't really like my frined. Until yesterday, my friend got told off by the boss and she was crying outside, the guy actually came out to see her when he heard the news, later that afternoon they beomce even closer talking about relationship stuff, laughing. she was telling me, the guy commented she is good looking, and look good when she was crying...

i dunno, he is a very caring nice person, i really wanted to know him better, but is he into my friend? can't b because he is tranditional indian too, i dunno, i am so jealous now, my heart is sinking...............>

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Hey Zita...I know how u feel ahh

It's like...some1 else getting something before u urself can and it feels really unfair and unsettled and u cant get ur mind off it yeh?

Im not an expert or anything but maybe u should let ur feelings out..maybe u should have done it earlier so it would seem u tried somethings 1st atleast....but i guess thats too late now....so for the present I personally would confront the guy..slowly and see how it goes....not sure if this will help but i hope things turn out fine eventually


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Jealousy... oh boy. My least favorite emotion, yet, quite important.


Don't worry, you're not alone, I've personally felt the same way numerous times. For instance, yesterday.. the girl I like had a guy over, but turned out to be nothing serious, at all.. he was just down the road babysitting, and they were both bored.


SO I took a deep breath, and realized what I DID have in this world, and tried to stop focusing on what I DON'T have. Jealousy is known to make you feel pessimistic at times, and all you can think about is having what you can't.


You know what? I concentrated on my own life and what I had, and today.. me and this girl hung out for the whole day, and I went to her house afterwards and wrapped presents. I feel much better.


As for you, I really feel that you only have 2 options in this scenario.

One being to start talking to this guy. If it means enough to you, you WILL find time to talk with him, and if you can't, then you have no reason to be jealous because then you'd have no time for a relationship.


Start to develop something with him, over a period of time.. there's no rush, nor a deadline.


Your second option is to look at other guys if you feel that this is only going to cause you heartache. Or talk to your friend and see if she has any interest in him. Maybe to ease your mind a little.


My advice, talk to him. It may be the relief you're searching for.


Good luck.

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