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Kind of confused


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I started a job a month ago and met some really cool people. I met this guy *John* who is nice and cool. When we worked the same days, we talked a few times. No flirting, just talking with other people and stuff. He got my screen name from my Myspace profile and we chatted. We talked about work and he asked me "Hey, do you wanna go see "Narnia" with me?" (we see movies for free). I said sure. I was kind of surprised he asked me. We don't hang out outside of work or anything. Then he said he would make fun of me the whole time(joking) and dump popcorn on my head...haha.


He came into work on one of his days off to see his friend. He said hi to me and stuff. Nothing special. I was talking to my friend online later that night and she said she thinks *John* likes me. I asked why. She said because he asked me to see a movie with him and the way he was looking at me that day. I didn't notice but she said she did.


We haven't been working the same days a lot, but if he comes in before I leave, he says hi. He didn't flirt with me before, we just talked about random stuff. I see him as a friend, I don't think I want a relationship right now but he is a cool guy.


What do you guys think? Would a guy ask a girl to the movies if he wasn't 'interested' in her? Thanks.

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Depending on the guy's personality, it is possible that he would ask you just as a friend. It is also possible that he meant it as more. But unless he starts to ppenly flirt with you or gives other indications of interest, right now it is speculation.


You say you are not interested in a relationship with him. In that case, wait it out until he starts to make other moves. If he doesn't, you will know its only friends and you will save yourself the embarrassment of suggesting he meant more. If he does make other moves, be clear to him that you do not see him like that and are only interested in friendship. Of course, do that politely and nicely.


Good luck and have a good night.

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I agree with Annie - and he probably did come in to see his friend - but also to see you.


lol eh, I doubt it. I don't think he knew I was working that day. I Im'ed him the night before he came in but he never responded. When he came into work, he said he got my IM but didn't get home till very late at night.

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