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Receiving jewelry from a "friend"

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So, it wasn't a ring. That would definitely have sent the wrong signal and had me running far far away! But this guy who I've known for just about a month and who has become a good friend gave me a set of beautiful earrings the last time we met. Usually, I don't accept random (non-event related: ie. birthday/holiday) gifts from guys whom I don't know well, but he kind of surprised me. There we were, sitting in a café chatting, and then all of a sudden, he pulls a jewelry box out of his pocket and hands it to me. He seemed a bit nervous about the whole thing and because he's kind of shy, I didn't want to put him on the spot, so I thanked him profusely and said the usual, "You shouldn't have!" and again, "You REALLY shouldn't have." And I meant it!

It's obvious that he dug into his pocket a bit to buy the stuff. They are not diamonds, or anything, but nothing cheap either. The thing is, however, that he knows I have a boyfriend. I was clear about that from the beginning. It's just that my boyfriend is living miles away right now, otherwise I would have introduced my friend to him and I'm sure it would be evident how much in love we are. But do you think the jewelry is supposed to be sending me a message that's a bit more serious than friendship? Or do you think I'm just reading into things too much? Should I give it back?

Thanks for any ideas/suggestions!

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It's common knowledge what jewellery from a guy insinuates.


Maybe you should talk to him about it. Tell him you're curious about the intent behind the gift. Tell him you are flattered but you're ina relationship. Offer to give the earrings back. :S It's a difficult situation, but just be honest with the guy. And be easy on him!!

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Yep, it's common knowledge but don't you think it also depends on the situation?

I love jewelry and it's obvious (I have a lot of rings and a great collection of hoops etc.), so a gift of jewelry might just be that--a gift given by someone who likes to give people things they like. No?

Thanks for the suggestions though. I will definitely try to be honest but easy!

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