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Just happened.. confused.. please give input.

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Hey everyone.


Last night my ex suggested that we do something fun today since we only had a half day of school, (now christmas break for 2 weeks). She said we should go sledding together and I said that would be fun.


Anyways it ended up not working out, and I had driving lessons today. When I came online after school today, I read her away message which said "Steve's here".. Steve was babysitting down the road, and he was bored so he went to her house to hang out. I know this because her sister told me, when I was talking to her on IM.


Her sister then invited me to go shopping with her and my ex tomorrow, and said my ex already knows about it and mentioned to her that I needed to finish some christmas shopping.


SO I get home from driving lessons about 20 minutes ago and find a message from my ex asking if I want to go sledding. I said sure, and she said ok but I have to get ready, cya. Then went offline.


I called her and asked her if I could get dropped off there since my parents were goign to their anniversary dinner. She said "yeah but I think our car is already full because we might have to pick up steve".. so I said "alright don't worry about it then".. she then said in a sad voice "sorry.. but tomorrow Kay (her sister) is going to pick you up and we're going to go shopping" and I said alright cool, cya later.


Now here I sit. I just feel bummed out.. because I think that she's hanging out with steve.. and I know it's nothing.. because my ex wouldn't get things started with me again, and then turn aruond and like this guy.


I just feel bad.. but should I? We're hanging out tomorrow and it wasn't her fault that her car was full.. Her sister really likes me and suggested I go over to their house after shopping tomorrow, so we'll see what happens.


What should I do/think about in this situation to feel better about it.

I felt a little jealous when I saw steve was over at her house, and I wasn't.. even though I live 10 minutes away. They weren't even doing anything, and he didn't stay long because he had to go babysit again.


Thanks for reading.

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Well we're friends I guess you could say. Since she hasn't mentioned getting back together. (she broke up with me beginning of summer).


But she's been making plans to hang out with me suddenly, and just by knowing her for so long, I know how she acts towards someone she likes.


I know that what we have now has a good chance of developing into a healthy relationship. Let's just put it that way.


Hope this clarifies some things.

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I want to get back together with her, but not seem too anxious. Since that's not very attractive.


She broke up with me in the beginning of summer because she wanted to be friends. I think she just felt I was getting too serious into it, and maybe too eager to please her at times. Since we did no contact for 2 months (I initiated).. I cooled off, and became a lot easier.


I think she realized this, and realized what she's lost and is now slowly coming back, in her own way.


She called me this morning, she was still in bed. We're hanging out today, and going shopping for christmas gifts, then maybe back to her house? I don't know.. we'll see how it goes.

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