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How to stay in touch with a friend?

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I'm a guy, she's a girl, but there's nothing romantic between us, and we're just friends. I've known her for three years now, and this is her senior year in high school (I'm a junior). I met her in my freshman year in my tennis class, and we've been friends ever since.


Because of the grade level difference, I don't have any classes with her, besides tennis. The problem is, she can't be in tennis next semester. (Small tid-bit of info: At my high school, because the tennis class is kinda small, we all know each other very well.) She hasn't told anyone else that she's quitting tennis yet, but if she does, then I won't see her anymore. As in, we'll have no classes together, and junior year at our high school is living hell.


She's nearly broken down to tears because she's terrified of going off to college and leaving everyone behind, but I had kept reassuring her that we still had a semester left together, and that we'd keep in touch. Now, I'm not so sure.


Any advice? How do I keep her as a friend, especially with so little time left before she's gone?

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Let me start by saying I just went off to college this year. Its a very odd thing because once you spend a bit of time there you begin to form an entire new world. High school becomes a piece of life that is over. I go to school 3 hours away from home, so depending on how far she goes will make the difference. I know many people go to college locally, and thereforeeee keep a lot of old friends.


Since I have been gone all the friends that I remained closed to kept there connection by means of the internet. One of my best friends calls me every now and then to check in. Only the friends that I had a meaningful relationship with took the time to keep that connection. A lot of others simply faded.


It isnt hard to keep close contact. Talk to her online, give her a call now and then, and if you like to write. Drop an email, or better yet a letter. College kids have not a thing better to do than get mail. Plus if she is a bit shaky at first she will need you around to help cope. Understand that its possible she may get a bit distant because she may be finding a place in school but once she is used to it she should have no problem keeping in contact.


If you are close enough to her when she goes away, plan a visit, or just wait for the breaks. We have plenty of time off compared to high school.


If for some reason you lose contact with her because she may get really into college life (I know I love it) just remember to use the Facebook web site once you go off to college. Its very handy for keeping old friends around in case you ever need to contact them. I know a lot of friends I havent talked to for years suddenly showed up.

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