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So My ex and I have been broken up almost yea nad a half...she always wanted to remain friends, i really did not. We havent been talking in a few months. I posted a pic of my new girl on my myspace profile and my new girl wrote me some comments. Now all of a sudden my ex puts on her profile on msn miss ya....Why would she do this? I know this was directed to me because this is her way of communicating to me (letters, notes, feelings, etc) I am pretty sure she is still in her relationship with her man (She was with him a couple of months after we broke up. We were together 5 years). She also wrote m ethe other day and asked if I was free, would I want to go to her brothers wrestling match. She wouldnt be there though. Is she trying to keep me in her life? Did she see that I have a new GF and panicked and is trying to mess with my head? What do you think?

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What do you want from her?


Ok, first off she's being indirect with you. This approach is more of a low-risk move. By asking her to attend your brother's wrestling match she's being indirect. Again, human nature plays a part in why she's contacting you. First off, we want what we can't have (or are not supposed to have). You having another woman makes you appear less available. Your past with her also plays a part in why she's contacting you in terms of the quality of your relationship with her.


I wouldn't jump on responding to her, but it all depends on what you want from her. She "put herself out there" so to speak so first decide what you want from her then make a decision from there.

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