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please read my story and help me through this. i need some help.

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i met this guy almost two years ago in january of 2004. and i had met him thru a friend. the day i met him i knew i liked him. there's just one problem, the age difference. there is a 6 year difference and i am the minor. one night about 2 months after i knew him, we went to a party at my friends house and he was there. after the party it was about 3 am and he had walked me home. i was kind of nervous because i knew i liked him and at the party he had flirted wit me. well, as he walked me home we went in my backyard to say goodbye, he had asked if he could kiss me. i said yes, and after that i knew i liked him alot. we continued to secretely see each other without telling our friends. but after 2 months, we went to another party at our friends house and he got drunk and told everyone we were together. it was horible it just turned into a huge fight and he was beat up because of it. the next day, not only did all our friends find out, but my family found out. they sent me 24 thousands miles away to go live with my parents in california. (i grew up with my cousins aunt and uncle my whole life i never lived with my parents before now) so after that night we didn't speak again. because it was just 2 days that i was sent to california. well anyways, we lost contact for 8 months. i was back in contact with him after my good friend forgave me for seeing him (she was mad at me cuz of the age difference between us) and she gave me his number. we were talking again for 4 months until he told me that he loves me and he wants to be with me. he tells me every nite we talk that as soon as i come home he will come and see me. well we lost contact again for a month and a half due to phone problems. we got back in touch and he still tells me he loves me, but i don't believe him anymore. i don't believe him anymore because he has been with other girls lately. i know i can't blame him, but even tho we are 24 thousand miles apart, i don't see other guys. guys try to hit on me but i tell them i have a boyfriend. it's not about sex to me. just because he's far away doesnt mean i need someone else to satisfy me. i feel that if i love someone i will stay with them and not cheat on them. even if i am far away. but why can't he do the same???i try not to think about it but it kills me. well i am back in town and he knows that. for the past two nights i texted him to ask if he could talk and he said no. so i texted him back to tell him i love him and he hasn't told me back. i don't get it. i never really told him how much i care about him. i dont' wanna lose him. he is my first love and i want it to stay that way. i don't know what to do?? should i let him go for the next year and a half until we can actually have a real relationship???in a year and a half i will be moving back home for sure. but should i let him go and try to see other people??? i really don't know what to do. i'm lost. i cry alot over him. i cry at friends, at school, and at home. almost everyday. please i need help i don't know what to do.


everytime i talk with him, i always tell myself i will tell him how i really feel about this. but i always get scared. i just wanna know why he has to see other girls just because i'm far away. to me it isn't right and it really does hurt. i always have him on my mind. i just wish i could tell him everything that is on my mind. i'm just scared because i don't wanna lose him again.

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Maybe you can ask him if he wants to be your boyfriend?

If he does then he shouldn't want to see other people. If it were me and they saw other people then I wouldn't want to be in a relationship with them...that's the point of a relationship, no matter how many oceans stand between it.

If he doesn't then you will have to move on.


I wouldn't let him see other people if you are in a relationship. If he wants to see other people then there isn't a relationship.

He may love you but choose to hurt you still... to me if you love someone you don't do that.

He should understand where you stand and if that doesn't mean anything to him then he shouldn't mean anything to you. You will have to talk to him though.


Whether or not you maintain the relationship while you are apart you can always change it when you get back.


You need to be happy and so it is important to resolve this issue.

I think you are a really great person to tell the other guys you have a boyfriend.

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thanks for the advice. i have an update but it's not much. now he won't reply my text messages and he won't answere is phone. i had no sleep last night from crying so much. i know i have to let him. but i guess if i let him maybe he will come back to me in a year or two when i'm a lil older and when i move back. if he doesn't come back then i guess it was never meant to be.

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