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got a bit of a problem-i love giving head to my bf but theres a problem-i dont like the taste of his cum, it makes me wretch at times i hide that from him cos i dnt want to hurt him and i dnt want to not swallow cos wts the point if i dnt.

is there anything i can give him, food wise that might change the taste?


qt xxx

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I've read the same thing.. Pineapple juice etc. And it somewhat has to do with diet.


I wouldn't worry about hurting his feelings. You a can't.. you can't. Simple. How about keeping a towel nearby for you to spit. Or tissues near the bedside table. You don't have to make a big deal of it and tell him that "its terrible...and makes you wretch"... just reach over and get a tissue and spit. He won't ask you. He'll just be glad to have gotten oral and that you didn't stop before he's gotten off.

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At the end of the day, you are giving him oral and he probably doesn't care whether or not you spit, gurggle, breathe it through your nose, or swallow.


Ask him to change his diet.

Or subtly sneak in pineapple juice, and give it to him in the morning.


You could also buy him flavoured condoms. That should be subtle enough...

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Nice puppies POCO...


POCO does have a good point, NO PUN INTENDED.


IF you can sense when he's about to blast off..if he'd tell you,

try to take him in as deep as you can so that when it hits..it goes,

past your taste buds.


The only thing with this.... is if you have a strong GAG reflex. You will have to get used to "Going deep" and having something in back there.

PRACTICE... on him, on banana's, popcicles, a dildo... Practice putting

something toward the back of your throat to see how deep you can handle it. And get used to it.


If you can sense it.. great. They usually tell you.. when. Or right before you'll feel them getting excited, bigger, start to throb and harder.

Thats when you take it deep.... use your hand on the jewels to keep the STIMULUS HIGH.... guaranteed to get his rocks off.

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