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whats up with my girlfiiend? what can i do about it ?


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ok ill try to keep this as short as possible

ive been dating this girl for almost 2 years, she always tells me 'your all i have' 'your my life' and things like that and that she wants to be with my forever. i want to be with her also as long as we can both be happy.

but she is crazy... i dont know how else to say it

she always puts me in lose lose situations ex: (we live in southern MN btw) she asks me "should i go to school in AZ" (she always says its her dream to go to school there and her grandparents live in AZ so she wants to go) but if i say yeah i want you to follow your dreams and go "you just want to get rid of me" she says

or if i say no i dont want you to leave "your holding me back" and always situations like that

i dont get 10 minutes to myself

she doesnt get along with my friends and my friends dont get along with her. and i like doing things with my friends they are important to me also and whenever i make plans with them she always ends up being upset for some odd reason and ends up making me stick around and be like 'why are you feeling bad?' and she always says stuff like "i dont know?" well this is probably not making much sense

but ill have to think more aobut it and post again


thanks in advancy

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