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i've got a question here


what sort of consistency should sperm/cum be when you ejaculate?? i've seen in some movies it is quite runny e.g. runs down faces etc ( i hope we are allowed to say this here but mine is quite sticky and does not run down things just sticks and also it does not come off with just a water flow e.g. a tap u have to wipe it. is this normal?? can u relate somethin to how it should be e.g. milk or something. thanks


p.s - where did the 'orgasm' forum go?

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What your seeing in movies where its mostly runny is semen; the transport fluid for sperm.


After a certain number of ejactulations, you deplete your stored up sperm, and all thats left is mostly semen.


Now you never completely drain your sperm so don't believe for a second after X number of consecutive ejactulations you can't get a woman pregnant.

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What your seeing in movies where its mostly runny is semen; the transport fluid for sperm.

o yeah sorry that's what i meant, i couldn't think of the name for it lol


thanks for ur reply, but i dont understand how it answer my question?


what is it suppose to be like

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Generally the more sperm in there, the thicker it is, I'd say more like cornstarch.


It actually can vary depending on a lot of factors (health and diet are two biggies).

Ah ok, so what is it then. Healthier = runnier? or healthier = thicker?


And I don't know what cornstarch is, anything else lol.?

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ah ok

i have to say thank you for your quick responses and they are very helpful


does it matter on the circumstance of where you are? i mean when i do it in the shower it always seems to be thicker then when i do it in bed. but i mean i cannot see it when im in bed it just feels like it is thinner. is this possible?

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No, it does not matter where you are.

Although, if you are in the shower - it may look thicker because the water is thin.


The thickness depends on how much sperm is in the semen.

If you have not ejactulated in three days - it will be at thickest.

If you have ejaculated 5 times that day - it's going to be thin...


Don't ask me how I know this...

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The thicker the better is what you should pumpin out! You need to check the consistency daily. I should be thick like coffee cream. In fact, just put a little in to test it. The best is when its a "cottage-cheese like" consistency. Ya know, lumpy yet runny? That is the stuff that can get a girl pregnant with thwins in less than two hours!!! Be careful!

lol at cottage cheese

that advice is also very helpful thanks for that

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It should be fairly easy to clean, unless its stained something. Wash throughly if you are concerned.


If you are getting this from porn, don't believe what you see. You are just fine as you are.


And my guess is the orgasm forum was removed because it was redundant. All the posts that where in there can fit just as easily under sex and romance, and its one less forum that moderators have to maintain.

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