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Ive been talkin to online and thru text mesages to this guy for almost a year, he lives in illinois and i live in pennsylvania...we've tried meeting before but it didnt work, from the way we talk i really think we like each other but im startin to wonder if anything will acctually come from it, or if im just bein a fool in love with the thought that i actually met someone i could actually spend awhile with and for all i kno it could be some 50 year old weirdo

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I agree.


There are plenty of ways to get to know each other before meeting. Those are just some of the possibilities.


You never know. The distance may be a problem, but does not love conquer all?


I actually met my boyfriend off of a local forum in my area. Totally unexpected too...but we ended up hitting it off in person as well.

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First be safe and make sure its not someone who is not whom he says he is.


Second, at some point these online relationships either have to get local or end ... that's my view. The reason is that you can't really know someone until you meet them and spend time with them in real life. Even if the person is being 100% totally up-front with you on the internet and not deceiving you at all, there are some things that you really can't convey (or pick up on) via the phone, IMs and webcams ... you just have to be there, see how the person lives, how they act, how they spend their time on a daily basis and so forth. You can't do that virtually.


A problem that some people make is getting emotionally engaged with someone whom they've never met in real life. That's very much like putting the cart before the horse, in truth.


So, yes, be careful about it, but try to meet in real life. You won't know before then whether your relationship has real potential or not.

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