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seduction tips for a night indoors

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I was reading another person's post about dinner at his place, and I have the same situation, almost. I've been dating a girl for over 3 weeks now and I really want to have sex with her. But I'd like to think of some ways to get to that point. She's coming over to my dorm room and I'll supply the fried chicken, the movies, and anything else that she might like. However, some of my buddies have joked about "playing Twister with her" and even though I won't do that it makes me wonder what type of activity we could do together (that isn't passive like a movie) which might get her into the mood. And unfortunately it will be inside because the weather's bad. I could sit with her on the coach and give her compliments till I'm blue in the face..but that's not what I want to do, and that's too ordinary. Would love to hear some ideas on seduction activities. Thanks



Spin th' bottle? lol

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LOL. No. Spin the bottle, twister, and fried chicken are not your answers


I say get a nice bottle of wine, maybe play a board game. Twister is a bit too obvious, and slightly creepy... Do you have scrabble? Sit on the couch and talk for a while too.


3 weeks isn't an incredibly long time. She may not be ready for sex... talk to her and see how things go....


good luck!

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I just helped my guy friend out with something similar.


First of all, don't EXPECT sex. I know, at this point, since you're trying it's hard not to, but you don't want to be obvious. You can't force the girl to sleep with you and you have to genuinely enjoy her company as well, not just get laid


My friend had many different ideas to "get her in bed"

1. Serenading her with a song, on his guitar

2. Play fighting/Wrestling

3. Getting Drunk

4. Dancing "sexy" for her.


Despite the above stated, this guy has luck with ladies (How, I don't know...)


Here's what I suggested.

1. Lame idea. Put on music you'll both like, or something of her choice.

2. Too obvious. Might as well jump on the bed and say "attack me". Steer clear of that...you want to be playfully flirty, but not that obvious.

3. Getting drunk? Umm...wine would be nice. Steer clear of alcohol. Why not try some hot chocolate (tis the season) with some whipped cream

4. Playing pool...good idea, you can 'coach' her.


Go OUT somewhere. Go skating, build a snowman outside your place, then come in to warm up with hot chocolate. Go to a cafe for some foreign food. Go for ice cream (Try something random). etc.


Don't act like you want it. Flirt with her, hint but never give it away. Act like your suave self and let it happen on it's own. When you stop thinking about it and start enjoying yourself, you'll be enjoying more eventually

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