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UPDATE: After telling b/f about double dating and making out sessions


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Hi again people, well as u may already know, im the one that posted like 2 months ago about me telling my now ex b/f that I dated two guys and french kissed them. And well I didn't think that was cheating, since I told ya all about wut me and my family though, that it was only sex consider cheating. Oh, u may wonder how did the break up occur, well im the one who break up with him on Nov.29, thing is he was already driving me nuts, he wouldn't get over it, and thereforeeee, I got sick of his so call insecurities, dang it's not like I had sex so ok i was patient for a while, well not any more, so ok, that day we went to a verbal fight, and I was like "Ok u know wut", he was "Wut", I was like "It's OVER", he kept telling me to come back, I didn't and no I don't regret breaking up with him, in fact I'm now dating this guy this month. But see, now is the same issue I had with my ex, he started with that cheating topic and say only screwing up someone else and getting caught is cheating. Off course, I don't think that way now, but he does. But ok, since we're not mutually exclusive, I decided to let it go, but if we ever get serious, then I may have to bring this issue again. Well wut do u think people.

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My definition of cheating would be any sexual physical contact with a person other than your current partner. That would include kissing, fondling, oral sex and any penetration. Does not matter whether you are caught or not.


Then of course there is emotional cheating but that is probably a whole other issue.

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Well yes. If and when you get exlcusive, you both have to be on the same page about what that means. Physical contact is clearly off-limits and hopefully both people can agree on that. The fuzzier line comes with things like prolonged flirting, online activity in IMs and stuff like that, and that's where things need to be discussed, because while I have a pretty hardline view, I know that there seem to be a variety of perspectives on these more borderline cases where there is no actual physical contact.

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