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A wonderful guy but i don't think there was a spark...


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Well, the good news is that before I was posting about my ex who turned out to be a truly insane, unfaithful, drug using monster. Who, i also wasted about a year of my life on. But once the truth really hit me I got my phone number changed and moved on and feel wonderful. Here is the new problem.

A good friend of mine and I are involved in an organization at school where we tutor hispanic people in english. And we are both fairly fluent in spanish. She has been dating a guy from mexico. I'm about her only friend that can be involved in that side of her life, because he speaks almost no english. I have been hangning out with her and one of his friends, Manuel. Manuel is a really nice guy. He is nice, he always helps people out, and is the type of guy who will treat a girl like a princess. He really likes me, and he told me about it. I told him i didn't know if i was ready for a realtionship quite yet, but I would like to get to know him better. And despite all his good qualities I haven't really been sure If i thought of him as anything more than a friend.

Well, last night he finally made a move. We have kind of been dating for about 3 weeks now, but we have never kissed. Last night he walked me back to my car and he kissed me. And I felt nothing. I have only kissed one other person In my life, but that was something I definitely enjoyed. Last night I just wanted him to stop so I could leave. I feel terrible because he is a really nice guy, and he would be a million times better to me than my ex was. My one friend says maybe it's just because he was so nervous and I should give it more time. I'm afraid to do that, though, because if i still feel the same way I will hurt him more. I'm also afriad to say no, it's over, because what if i miss out on a good thing. But if there's no chemistry will it develop? I don't know what to do!

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