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A Funny Story for a Change ;)


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My boyfriend and I were heading over to blockbuster, just down the street, having a gay old time, joking around, snow balling and such. We always enjoy our short walks to blockbuster, our warm haven in the blistering cold this time of year- Gotta love Canada


We got to Blockbuster and roamed the aisles and eventually, engrossed in movie selecting went our own separate ways. I ended up on one side, him on the other. Blockbuster was pretty full at that time, being a Saturday afternoon and there wasn't much to pick from. I spotted one of the employees pushing a cart with movies so I decided to go and have a peek to see if there were any returns I'd be interested in.


As I approached the guy to ask about my movie, I heard from accross the store someone call out: "Boo Boo!". I froze...and thought, no it can't be. The employee looked out in that direction and smirked, and I sort of laughed too, but more nervously.


Again, "BOO BOO!!" My boyfriend, clearly not in his right mind, came up behind me with his movie, Dawn of the Dead. "I found what I wanted."


I froze, blushed, panicked. The employee looked at me, my boyfriend and turned away, trying not to laugh. Others in the aisle were staring at my boyfriend. I WAS STARING AT MY BOYFRIEND.


I told him to pay and I waited outside. I did NOT stay in there longer than that. He didn't even realize he was calling me "Boo boo" until I told him on the way home.

Needless to say, we've toned down the pet names.

Moral of the story: Pet names in moderation.

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Hmm, in order to rent March of the Penguins at Blockbuster, my boyfriend made a silly "bet" that I should walk like a penguin until we left the store.


I did my best impression, walking up and down the aisles...I mean WADDLING up and down, with my little "flippers" at my sides. I am glad I did not have to sound like one too! Hehe, it was fun!


Awesome movie by the way...though some parts made me . Of course, I am a crier...I spent the last 30 minutes of King Kong crying my eyes out incessantly.....

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March of the Penguins- awesome movie. It was pretty depressing in some parts, but all in all fascinating.


King Kong- have yet to see. I'm a crier too:S I think I should wait till it comes out on video lol I don't want to leave the theatre with my face swollen

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If anyone was staring at you, just remember: there pet names are probably a lot worse.


Besides, is there anyone you would rather have call you Boo Boo? Just be glad you have someone to say those things to you, someone who can embarrass you like that. Many of us don't have, and have never had that.

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Pet Names



To be romantic, you have to call each other names carefully crafted to make yourself and everyone around you throw up. This romance technique doubles as a passion meter way more accurate than those quarter eating machines in arcades; if you use these pet names and don't throw up, you're genuinely in love.


Here's how to construct your own pet name. Mix up the syllables "pook," "wee," "hon," "oop," and "ums," (never use the syllables "skuzz" or "elch"), rhyme a lot, and make liberal references to baked goods. For example, (WARNING! WARNING! TURN YOUR FACE AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER!), "Sweetie Pumpkin Pookums" is a perfectly acceptable and effective pet name, as are "Moopsie Cutie," "Hunny Wunny Cakes," and, for the extravagant, "Snookie Wookum Weetie Bunny Pie." (It may seem odd to novices that cooked rodents would be romantic, but they are.) For best results, speak these pet names with a big dumb grin, an admiring gaze, and a high-pitched squeal, and follow it up with an exaggerated sigh of dreamy contentment. The most important thing to remember about this is never ever do this in front of me.

If you need help coming up with a suitable mooshy pet name, we at RinkWorks have provided a service to help. Visit and select "Mushy Names."


*Go ahead and try the generator. It's fun.

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