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am i heading towards bisexuality?

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first of, its been like 6 months since my last visit here, and i noticed alot has changed in here.. i must say its easier movin around in here..


now here it goes. ive been hurt by someone and his cousin who happens to be my friend as well has always been there for me. she knows how much her cousin has hurt me. she was my shoulder-to-cry-on. but the thing is, she's a lesbian. and she confessed just a few days ago, while we were having a drinking session, that she likes me. i got drunk. something happened between us.


now im confused with whats goin on. though we never really talked on whats gonna happen after that night. i could feel that i like her now too. i miss her. but my mind says i shouldnt entertain it.


should i let the feeling (liking her now) grow or just maintain my friendship with her? though im quite liberal, i havent prepared myself yet with situations like this..

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