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Emotional Roller Coaster

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Hi Everybody,


By now, 2+ weeks after he broke up with me saying he really really likes me and maybe even loves me, but not like he loved his previous girlfriend, I'm almost at the point I've accepted he doesn't exist for me. Then I get all these crazy feelings of "how"s and "why" s and go crazy about not being loved like that ex-girlfriend... I want to call him and say "You need to open your heart and stop imagining me as her" or I want to call and say "give us more time and it will be just as good" but I know I shouldn't. It's another one of those moments now and I just want to know what you all do to stop that fire in your hearts...


There are moments I feel I'm OK without him, but then there are moments I want to call and cry. I'm hurting so much now.

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hi octopus,


can u make ur point more clear.. i mean u broke up with him.. ok fine.. now after that he tells u that he likes u ? but he likes another girl more than u..


from what i understood that u and him are getting back.. but he told u he likes this girl more than u .. so what is ur question exactly so i try to help u ..

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Hi AlwaysNeedHelp,


He broke up with me, because he said "he can't love me like he has been capable of before". And that means his ex-gf who dumped HIM.


So I'm very upset, and alone, and weak, and in my mind a 10000 thoughts run to call him and tell him that's a mistake, we can be good together again, like we have been etc etc....


But I need to power to stop myself from saying any of that... At some points during the day I feel strong enough to do that, sometimes I feel soo weak I think I'll die without him...


I'm trying to keep myself busy.. But even when I was watching Narnia last night, he and his EX was on my mind... I want all this to be over..

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Hi Octopus,


I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling so much. It can be really hard to hear those words. I think that even though you are tempted to contact him, your best bet is to give him some space. If he doesn't miss you and realize that he's missed out on the best thing ever, it's his loss.


I found it helped me to keep a journal of my feelings when I went through my breakup. Everything I felt tempted to say to him, I wrote in my journal. It helped me vent my feelings and still not call him. Later, I was able to look at it from the beginning and realize how much progress I had made.


Get active too, I hit the treadmill every day, and it helped my body feel good, and it kept my mind occupied. Don't forget to lean on your friends too! Talk about it to them (and us!) until you are blue in the face.


You will get though this, I promise.

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